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You’ve all the other wedding accessories, but where are the stubby holders?

When you solve a problem, especially one that’s related to your own needs, often you have little idea of where it may lead 30 or 40 years hence. For example, in 1972, Malcolm Lock, South Australian businessman and pioneer surfing identity had a problem. With the success of his wetsuit manufacturing he had to send to landfill,  large volumes of neoprene rubber off-cuts and all this was costing him way too much.

Keep your beer colder for longer in “off-cuts of wetsuit material”

At the time, Malcolm was an avid surfer, and enjoyed a good drink with mates. Drinking, he’d noted how his hands became too cold, and his beer too hot, way too fast. Knowing the insulating benefits of neoprene, he he wanted to “nut out” the problem

With his waste neoprene Malcolm started to wrap his cans and voila; the stubby cooler was born.

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No more wasted neoprene out to landfill, no more frosty cold hands and the most appealing result of all, longer lasting cold beer.

You won’t be astonished that, it’s Australia, where the stubby cooler was invented; they just dream for a long cold beer. Not before long, the stubby cooler became a hugely popular party accessory. It was very fashionable to have the best stubby holder – a cultural phenomenon was launched.

Where we are today….

From this idea, the simplicity and practicality purchase acomplia online of the stubby cooler’s fabrication and utility of use has seen it rise from obscurity to fame as a an obligatory accessory for any serious party goer. They are today, variously described as, stubby coolers, stubby holders, can coolers, can holders, cozies, or wetsuit coolers.

With the realization of the utility of the stubby cooler and the cultural significance of sinking a few beers at a wedding, the wedding stubby cooler has arrived as rigueur de jour. There’s a wide range of wedding stubby cooler styles and if you need, you can have special ones done printed especially for your wedding day. 

There’s no doubt that way back in 1972 Malcolm had no idea his stubby cooler would come to grace the wedding receptions of Australia.

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