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Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100 For Wedding Photography

Brief Introduction to Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100:

Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100 is known for its beautiful and handy design and its miniaturization. It’s design is very user friendly as it prevents the muscle exhaustion is often caused by photography. In addition to that it is capable of maintaining a horizontal lens orientation and it is waterproof. It has a rotatable LCD that can rotate to 285° which enables the user to photograph from any angle and explore their skills. Wedding photo lenses are extremely valuable for weddings. The option to use available light, even in dark churches or dimly lit reception halls, is a strong tool for the wedding photographer.

Specifications of Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100:

Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100 is a 14.3 mega pixel camera with a CMOS sensor with a 5x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. The effective pixels used to photographs are 14.3 mega pixels and 11.9 mega pixels for video at full high definition resolution. It is also capable of video capturing at high definition. Photographs are recorded in JPEG format and the video is captured at MPEG-4 format, along with stereo sound with AAC compression. The camera uses auto focus and the lens uses 8 group and 10 elements with 3 aspheric elements and 4 aspheric surfaces. It also has a built in ND filter. At Auto mode the ISO can go from 50 to 400 and at Manual mode it can go from 50 to 1600. Its battery life is 210 minutes and weighs 242 grams.


Woth so many impressive specs, and the option of virtually capturing images from any angle, it is very much recommended for wedding photography because it requires capturing images of high quality and Xacti SANYO VPC-CG100 is able to deliver that. Current Trends in Wedding Photography are required for the best photography. A photographer should know some skills which will make him the best and professional photographer.

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