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Why Wedding Favors Are Not That Easy

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For many brides wedding favors represent an easy part of their wedding planning. In fact most will leave the choosing of their favors until the last minute, which is often a recipe for disaster!


The simple fact is that most brides grossly underestimate the amount of time, thought and work wedding favors require in order to make them successful. They forget to add them into their wedding budget at the start of the wedding planning process or those that do add them in to their budgets, set a figure so unrealistic that they need to double or triple it when the time comes to purchase.


Favors may only be small gifts for your guests but they can represent a big investment in both time and money so you need to be on the ball when it comes to these little gifts! Another mistake is not realizing how many different elements there are to a favor. Aside from the gift itself you will need to consider the following extras as well:

  • Boxes, bags, wrapping or some other form of packaging
  • Labels, stickers or tags
  • Decorative embellishments – butterflies, flowers, hearts etc
  • Ribbons, raffia, string etc
  • Fillings such as paper shred for boxes on which your favor can sit


Timing is all important as well. Order food based favors too early and they could be stale, moldy or out of date by the time the wedding comes. Leave it till the last minute to order any type of favor and you run the risk of not receiving them in time or not being able to package them before the big day – the last thing you want to be doing on the eve of your wedding is making, sticking and wrapping favors!


Wedding favors needn’t be a difficult task as long as you follow these tips:

  • Look up prices of various wedding favors when you plan your budget to get an idea of prices. Don’t forget to add in taxes, shipping costs and packaging.
  • Start looking early acomplia cheap no prescription and give yourself plenty of time to make your decision and order them.
  • Don’t just accept the first price you see, shop around for discounts, offers and bulk purchase prices.
  • Be careful cialis no rx with edible favors, find out the sell by or use by dates, to ensure they are still edible by the time your wedding arrives!
  • Always order a few more than you need just in case of breakages or unexpected guests. If you have some left over you can always send them to guests who couldn’t make it.
  • Don’t assume wedding favors are a substitute for thank you cards – they are not. They are a thank you to your guests for joining you and thank you cards should always be written to those who gave you a wedding gift.



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