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Why Do We Bother With Having A Wedding?

I’ve written several articles on the subject and so I began to ask myself, why do we bother with having a wedding? Two consenting adults in a relationship no longer need the sanction of the church, the state or even society at-large, to live together and raise children. So why do we bother?

I suspect the foremost reason involves a deep religious faith in which marriage plays an integral part.

One or both may seek the security that formal vows provide, and of course, the protective umbrella of the law with respect to their rights and obligations as a married couple.

There are also those who choose to marry because they respect the institution of marriage.

Then there are those who simply bow to real or perceived social, peer or parental pressures.

Has anyone considered the pressure the government places on couples to marry? In a country that boasts equality, there are many inequalities perpetrated on unmarried couples in the United States. So many, that marriage becomes a matter of necessity rather than choice.

Look at some examples of these injustices.

Income taxes! Have you ever looked at the discrepancy in favor of the married? If you are single, you pay significantly higher federal income taxes than your married peers.

Immigration law. Meet the love of your life overseas? Just try to get her into the United States without marrying her!

Hospitalized? Visitors are family only…don’t plan on seeing your significant other unless you are married.

These are only a few examples of discrimination against the unmarried couple living together.

Businesses have their own ways of discriminating as well. Can’t get a family health insurance policy if your not married! In most states you can’t put your partner on your health insurance at work.

No matter how you might feel about the formalities of a wedding, in our society it is still the smart move. It doesn’t appear things are about to change anytime soon. In fact, the only changes eliminating the discrimination against unmarried couples have been the result of gay and lesbian activism.

You might as well bite the bullet, order the invitations, make your guest list and get on with it. Couples have been getting married in one fashion or another since the dawn of time. You are yours are no exception.

Sure, you can plan a simple wedding but at least have some fireworks, fine food and finer drink. The whole thing will be over before you know it and your best reminders of the happy day may well be your hangover and price cialis your indigestion.

I know this “tongue in cheek” look at matrimony sounds a bit cynical, but that’s not my intent. What I mean to say is our legislators need to get with the program and end discriminatory practices against the singles of this country. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation, religion or society. It has everything to do with equality. Should any single person have to marry to get the same tax breaks afforded married couples? Should a single person have the same right to bring a loved one into this country? Should a hospitalized single person be deprived the companionship of his loved one because they are not married? I think any sensible person would say NO! That’s discrimination! And that is my point.

Gerald Tuckeryoung is a writer for Skylighter which sells Bottle service sparklers and Ice fountains as well as a variety of other items.

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