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Why A Fall Destination Wedding Is Convenient In These Times

If you are thinking of a fall destination wedding this year, you may have made the right decision, depending on where you are header for.

Prices will be the lowest of 2009

Fall is normally the time when the heat and the prices go down. That happens every year. However, this fall of 2010, contrary to the optimistic expectations of people in the travel industry, there may be fewer travelers. As a result, prices are expected to go as low as the lowest in 2009.

The main reason is that the economic recovery which was promised at the beginning of this year was stunted by the colossal natural disasters we experienced; the volcanic eruptions in Iceland, the widespread oil spill at the Gulf both combined with sluggish economy to make finances scarce for many people

More people will prefer to save their money by staying home for the fall and while travel outfits may try to put on a poker face and maintain their charges, they will have to give in to the reality that the world is not recovering as fast as it should and has in fact slid back a bit this year.

Wedding in Europe

Europe, for once, can be an economical choice for your fall destination wedding. In recent days, the Euro has been going down against the US Dollar and at the current rates, you could even end up affording a lot of shopping there. Of course you would have to have your extra luggage shipped by sea. Hotel rates in some places in Europe are as low as $100 a night. These include places like Bavaria where you could hold a Bavarian-style fall destination wedding.

Parks and Caribbean cruises

With everyone anticipating a record drop in the number of tourists, theme parks are now giving discounts now of up to 50 %. A Disney fall destination wedding is not a bad idea at all.

You local travel agent for the Caribbean, of course, will not readily admit that we are bound for rocky waters. So don’t go through these people. Inquire personally or through the web from the management of the hotels in the Caribbean. Late fall prices can go be as attractive as $300+ for seven days.

Las Vegas weddings

It really seems that the gambling capital of the world is also experiencing a frightening lag in their tourist industry, enough lag to make one of their famous hotels price spacious accommodations for less than $100 a night.

You need to look out for the deals

Because people involved in the tourism industry are not ready to admit to the public the downhill trend in their business, you may find many establishments still hopefully clinging to current prices. But some sensible outfits are already anticipating what may be inevitable and accepting reservations at low rates rather cialis without prescription than have fewer or no guests for the rest of the year.

On the other hand, you could wait for things to happen. But by that time, you may have to celebrate a cold fall destination wedding.

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