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What’s Custom Wedding Gobo?

Prospective brides and grooms have a recently discovered way to truly make a splash at their wedding reception with a completely customized wedding gobo. A gobo is a laser-tooled plate made out of steel which is inserted into a special light projector. It is brought into focus and then projected on to the surface of your choice.

The floor, the walls, or the ceiling can be covered with a design that’s customized to add elegance to that most special of occasions. Many wedding DJs offer gobos as an element of their upgraded lighting package, wedding DJs are not just confining themselves to the music and basic lighting systems. They’d like to give the bride and groom a spectacular light show display.

Wedding DJs may be able to offer several gobo lighting color options such as white light, white light with one color, or multi-colored gobo lighting effects. The effect is much more dramatic with a rainbow of colors. Should clients decide to add color, colored glass is added to the back of the metal gobo plate.

When it comes to the gobo itself, the choices are endless. Gobo design companies provide a host of options with a range of fonts and unique designs. Couples can select their monograms or their names, accompanied by hearts, swans, or anything they can imagine.

Gobos can be customized in whatever way bride and groom likes with the option of sending in a personal design or artwork which can be acclimatized to a gobo. Each bride-to-be and groom can approach their wedding DJ and be involved in each step of the way in creating their own gobo.

When planning a wedding event, most wedding DJs are there to start the party. They can truly make the reception hall pop with the dramatic effect made unique by personalised wedding gobos. Faces will light up at the special designs plastered around the room, drawing everybody on to the dance floor as they look to a happy future for the ecstatic couple. For bride and groom to be that wants to be different, who wants their wedding day to be even more notable, a personally created gobo is the way to go. When the festivities draw to a close, the gobo plate becomes a memorable keepsake.

Jam Party Connections provides proffession wedding DJs throught out Dane County in Madison Wisconsin. Many of our brides chooseto add a personalized wedding gobo to thier wedding reception entertainment.

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