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What you ‘don’t’ before ‘I do’!

Getting Married? Congratulations! You just set the date for one of the most important days of your life. Remember, wedding planning is a lot of hard work, but if you follow these tips it can also be a fun adventure even though there are  many ‘don’ts’ on the way to ‘I do!’

Don’t blow your rimonabant prices budget

The first step to planning your wedding is to set a realistic budget and then stick to it. By setting a budget right from the beginning, you can keep spending under control. Knowing your financial limitations enables you to focus only on the providers of services and wedding or reception venues that are within your budget. By not even looking at venues and services that are way beyond your means, means you will be saving time and avoiding disappointment as well.

Don’t let wedding plans consume you

Weddings require a great number of thought and it is easy to get lost in the minutiae of their etiquette, traditions, possible themes and all the other details that need consideration. Some days it will feel like wedding planning is consuming your entire life and at the end of some days you may have very little to show for all the driving, web surfing and telephone calls that you made. This is when stress sets in and it is time to take a break from the planning. Take a weekend away just the two of you or go out for an evening of dinner and dancing. Whatever you do, just do something that is completely not related to the wedding. This will help relieve the stress and will serve to remind you why you are going to all this effort.

Don’t forget who it is about

This is your wedding and it should reflect your personality as a couple. No one should dictate to you what to do, or how to do it. You may look for advice, ideas and wisdom but in the end, each decision ultimately is for you and your future spouse to make.

Don’t book hotels and flights too late

If you are inviting guests from overseas or just from the next Emirate, make sure to give them enough notice of your impending wedding and ask that they make hotel reservations as soon as possible. This is especially important if your wedding day falls during a busy tourist period. Similarly, when planning your honeymoon make sure you have both flights and accommodation booked and confirmed months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Don’t invite too many guests

Make sure your guest list and your reception site capacity match up numbers-wise. You cannot invite 300 people and assume only 200 will accept, because if you end up with 250 acceptances, you may have to turn 50 guests away at the door. Most reception venues cannot just add 10 more tables and chances are that their insurance or other safety or fire laws limit the maximum number of people allowed in any room at one time. Therefore, analyse your guest-list, assume 80 percent will attend and limit your guest list accordingly.

Don’t be tempted by last-minute treatments or diets
If you think that having a facial the day before your wedding will leave your skin looking radiant on your big day – think again.  Last-minute beauty treatments can lead to breakouts, mistakes or worse, serious infections. Save any radical beauty treatments for at least two weeks before the big day or you could risk wasting all the hours you have invested in making your wedding – as well as your photos – perfect.

For similar reasons,  do not fake a tan too close to your wedding day and if you do, ensure it is a colour you have successfully tried before. In addition – forget about any last minute crash-diets too because after the expense of your gown and its many fittings, you should really want the dress to fit – and not be two sizes too big for you.

Don’t forget the hair-do!

Don’t leave decisions regarding your hair style until the last minute – practice different styles months – not weeks – in advance to see which suits you best, which one lasts the longest etc. To browse many images of wedding updo hairstyles visit the  Hair Updos Image Library where you’ll find the best wearing hair up images so you can find your perfect style in good time.

Don’t go it alone

It is not a sign of incompetence to ask for help and if you are a bride lucky enough to have been offered help by friends or family members, by all means take it. When people offer to help you – like your mum, your best friend or your future mother-in-law, give them a specific task like researching a vendor or addressing invitations. However, it is important to keep in mind that these volunteers are not hired help so be sure that you accept their contributions Famvir online graciously and thank them profusely.

Don’t exclude your fiancée

As a bride, it is easy to make all the decisions for your wedding, especially if you have dreamed about this day for many years, however try to remember that it is his day too. He may not care if the centrepieces are lilies or roses, but you might discover that your soon-to-be-husband detests lilac or a couple of the tracks the DJ has picked out.

Don’t be sloppy

Organisation is essential. Even if you are not usually a well organised person, you now need to step up to the plate because there are many details, receipts, notes, forms and contracts that need to be kept in order. Whatever method you use, be it a laptop or a notebook, make sure you keep a note of everything and keep all important documents such as birth certificates etc in a safe place.

Don’t forget what is important.

You are not just planning a wedding; you are preparing to start a life together so start the way you intend to carry on. When coordinating an event that involves so many aspects and individuals there are bound to be pressures and a little stress is inevitable – so remain kind to each other and focused on the goal.

Whether your theme is Gothic or Wild West, whether you have hired a string quartet or a DJ, whether your vows will be exchanged in a quiet chapel or in the buttery glow of a beach sunset, I hope you will enjoy the journey towards your special day and may you live happily ever after.

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