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What Will Happen if We Agree on Joint Custody?

Most couples that get a divorce tend to argue over child custody. Even if they split up, they still want to be a part of their children’s lives. Once we become used to their presence in our everyday lives, it can be difficult living without them. In the Victorian era and before, while wives and children were both considered property of the husband, there was never any question of child custody; however, the pendulum swung in favor of the mother. Joint custody is commonly prescribed today.

When it comes to joint custody, children have to spend time with both parents. This time does not need to be split evenly, and the split is usually geared towards more time with the mother, but it gives visitation rights to each parent.

The couple can decide between themselves to have a joint custody cialis online arrangement, or the courts can order one. Usually the court will designate one parent as primary residence for the child and the other as secondary. In a few cases, the father is deemed to be the primary parent, but it’s usually the mother.

If the couple isn’t able to come up with their own visitation schedule, then a judge may come up with one for them. A typical schedule will order visitations for the secondary parent of every other weekend and rotating holidays. Parents will need to be assigned holidays based on even and odd-numbered years. The father could spend Thanksgiving with the child during even numbered years. That means that in the odd numbered years, the mother will have the child for Thanksgiving. For other major holidays, it would be the same situation.

Some judges decide for an even time split. Each parent would get to spend one week with the child. This is certainly an option if the parent’s homes and the school are close enough to each other. The parent would need to ensure that the child attends school and all necessary appointments during their visitation time. While staying with the parent, he or she will need to provide the child with all necessary food and clothing.Doc No.azlcssaeh-sdgfhkl

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