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What Types of Wedding Invitations Are Available?

If you are wondering just what types generic cialis canadian pharmacy of wedding invitations are available for your wedding, let’s just say, if you can dream buy Levitra Orodispersible online it, it can happen.  Even if you have a budget to keep in mind, you still have many many options to choose from.  How your invitations are printed is the major factor that determines what they will cost. 
Engraved Wedding Invitations: Traditional invitations use the expensive engraving process. You can identify an engraved invitation by the sharp, raised text and the indentation on the back side. 

Thermographed:  This method of printing gives the text an elegant raised effect, but is less expensive than engraving. 

Printed: This method is popular today because of its contemporary look, its wealth of options, sale cialis and its affordability. Printing can be done on a press by a printing company, or by you on your home printer. 

Handwritten:  For smaller weddings, handwritten invitations are an elegant way to go. 

You’ll also need to keep in mind the packaging of your wedding invitation.  There are many options to choose from.  Simple invitations may only have a pocket to slide into, while more elaborate invitations have ribbons or beads. 

Your overall wedding style should also be considered when choosing your invitations.  Just as there are different types of weddings, there are also formal and casual wedding invitations.  By finding an invitation that matches the style of your wedding, it will give your guests a ‘heads up’ about what they are going to see. 

If you choose a printed invitation, your options are a little more open. You could find pre-designed invitations and add the text.  Choosing your wedding invitations is part of the wedding planning process that can actually be fun! 

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