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What Is The Job Of The Wedding MC?


The role of the wedding MC is simple, although perhaps often misunderstood. The Master of Ceremonies is there to make sure the wedding reception runs smoothly so that the bride and groom experience the day of the lives that they have been dreaming of.

However, while that job description tells you the aim of the Master of Ceremonies at a wedding, it is in no way descriptive free cialis – it doesn’t tell you what you will actually have to do on the day.

You may have been told you’ll have to give a speech; tell jokes; do other things that will keep you as the centre of attention of the wedding guests, which you may have a creeping feeling of discomfort in your stomach.

OK, let’s take a closer look and see what the role of Wedding MC is really about.

While you may have to give a speech, often depending on whether you are also Best Man, as MC you will be expected to make announcements during the day. If you’re also Best Man – and many weddings combine these roles – then you will usually give a speech, you know, the one where you humiliate the bride groom.

The one thing the Wedding MC should not be is centre of attention. People should know who you are, but the events on the day should mean that everything revolves around the bride and groom – they are the stars of the day after all.

One of your main tasks will be to direct the wedding reception – you need to let the guests know what is happening next. If they need to move somewhere then you’ll need to tell them. And you should provide fair warning to anyone involved directly in the reception – the speakers will be more comfortable if you let them know 10 minutes before they are due to speak so that they can visit the bathroom and grab a glass of water in case their mouth becomes dry.

That’s the basics of being a wedding MC, it isn’t a difficult role, but it does require some planning so you know what is supposed to be happening at all times during the wedding reception.

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