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What Is The Average Price Of A Professional Wedding DJ?

How Costly Is a Professional Wedding DJ?

The cost of wedding DJ will depend on the opulence of the wedding entertainment options as well as the length of your DJ services you select. Most wedding Disc Jockeys charge a per hour rate while others offer a complete package price.

Nevertheless, those who are regarded as professionals in the DJ field generally charge higher rates for their services than amateur wedding DJs. The average cost of a pro wedding Disk Jockey is between $100 to $300 per hour. Nevertheless, most of these Disc Jockeys offer package deals that can vary from $800-$2000 for the entire entertainment package dependent on the type of services included. Professional DJs who provide up-lighting ($20 per fixture), photo-booth ($800-$1500) depending on the number of hours you request), karaoke ($75-$150), music video ($150-$250), custom gobo’s ($150-$500 varies based on single color or full color) or perhaps a projection screen and projector ($100-$200) for your custom photo montage will certainly charge more.

Will There Be Any Other Extra Costs?

In addition, it will be important to verify if your wedding DJ package is all-inclusive. You may be required to pay more costs for extra sound reinforcement or additional wedding DJ set-ups at different locations. custom color lighting and outdoor locations, may add additional costs to the bottom line. Most wedding DJs will charge more if they provide sound amplification and music at your ceremony and party reception. Some wedding Disc Jockeys will charge more if they provide special body pack microphones for your wedding officiant. Other wedding Disc Jockeys may offer an additional service to design and produce a personal photo montage for the bride and groom. This service would also add to the total cost of your wedding entertainment.

How Can You Lower the Cost of Your Wedding DJ Services?

The average cost of pro wedding disc jockey would be lower if if your wedding reception was held off season or on weekdays, Saturdays are prime so expect to pay more. There might even be wedding party DJs in your neighborhood who offers online discounts for people that book or schedule their services without delay on their websites. Most DJs offer 4 hour entertainment packages and charge extra fees for any extra hours of entertainment so try and keep your entertainment to 4 hours if remotely possible.

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