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What Is Included in a Wedding Invitation Set?

Formal wedding invitations may look a bit like a jigsaw puzzle at first, but all of the pieces fit together beautifully to get your celebration off on the right foot.  When ordering your invitations, the following pieces should be included/ordered as well: 

The Wedding Invitation
Of course, this is the one thing that is a no-brainer.  The invitation should include the names of the bride and groom and of their parents –if they are hosting the wedding.  The date, time, and location of the ceremony is also included.  Sometimes, the invitation gives information regarding the reception to follow; sometimes it doesn’t.  This might be included on the optional reception card. 

Outer envelope 
This is the envelope that gets addressed.  To make it easier, consider ordering the outer envelopes with the return address pre-printed on the back of the envelope.  It is easy to get confused as to which envelope is which, but it is really easy to tell the envelopes apart.Everything else will fit in this envelope.  And, if you look on the outside of the envelope, you’ll notice the outside envelope has glue on the flap to seal it shut.

Lined inner envelope 
This envelope differs from the outer envelope in a few ways.  First of all, this envelope doen’t have any glue on the outside to seal the envelope shut.  Also, this envelope will usually — but not always — have a lining on the inside with your colors.  And, the size of this envelope is slightly smaller than the outer envelope — obviously so it will fit inside the larger envelope.  On this envelope, you should include the names of each individual in the household who is invited to the wedding.  This tells the recipient if they may bring their children, or if they are single if they are allowed to bring a friend or a date. 

The RSVP Card 
This is the card that your guest will mail back to you.  This is what your guest uses to tell you how many people are coming to your wedding.  It should include space for the guests to indicate how many people will be attending and to include each guest’s name (important for place cards).  Additionally, if your reception includes dinner, the response card should allow guests to choose an entrée. 

Response envelope 
This is the smallest envelope in the set.  Many brides are choosing to exclude this and opt for a response post card instead.  This should have a stamp and the address to you or your party planner printed on it so all your guests have to do is slip the response card in and send it. 

Optional:  The Thank You Card 
The free cialis Thank you cards and envelopes — or thank you post cards as may be the case — are often not included with the wedding invitation set.  This is one optional item to splurge on just so you don’t have to find matching thank yous after your ceremony is over. 

Optional Tissue Paper 
Most, but not all invitations come with a piece of tissue.  The tissue lays on top of the main invitation.   Many people wonder what purpose this little piece of tissue paper has, well, it is a throwback to history:  this originally kept the ink from smudging on any other pieces.   Of course, today, it is not often necessary but most people have come to expect it.  And, it looks fancy. 

Optional:  The Reception Card 
Depending on the size and layout of your main wedding invitation, buy Paroxetine online the information regarding your reception may be included on a separate, smaller card. 

Optional additions 
When ordering your invitations, you can often times order other accessories to match, including printed maps, envelope seals. 

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