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What Is Ballroom Dance: Learning The Basic Steps Of Rumba

To get a clear picture of what is ballroom dance, you must try learning the Rumba. Known as among the most well-liked forms of ballroom dances, the Rumba is a slow and romantic dance distinguished by its sensual hip movements.

Learning the Rumba ballroom dance is not really difficult. In reality, among the ballroom dances, the Rumba is assessed as one of the easiest to learn, probably next to Salsa. Due to this, more people find themselves interested in learning the fundamental steps of this dance and now have an idea on what is ballroom dance.

The basic step of the Rumba ballroom dance is the Rumba Box. You would need to learn this initially if you want to go next on the other steps of Rumba. This is also the easiest part of learning Rumba. The Rumba Box consists of 3 basic steps: two fast side steps and one slow forward step. All these steps are performed in a rhythm of slow-quick-quick to a music that’s drafted in 4/4 time. You can view online videos to guide you all the way to learning the Rumba Box, and get concepts on what is ballroom dance and how it looks like.

The Rumba Box is so easy to learn. Just keep in mind though these things:

  • At the starting position, keep your heels together and your toes a little separate. This will help you balance your body and prepare yourself for the Rumba steps.
  • Every step should be performed with the ball of the foot and no heel leads.
  • Keep your body forward so the weight of your body is at all times on the front part of the foot, allowing you to lift your heels each time you want or need to.

When it comes to learning any sort of ballroom dance, all that you have to remember is to enjoy the dance. Regardless of how tough it is to learn it, that is just at the start. The whole thing will become effortless and smooth-sailing as soon as you get a understanding of even just the simple steps of the dance.

Susan Todd hopes all couples to experience a remarkable first dance, and the father-daughter and mother-son dances on the wedding day through only the most beautiful wedding dance songs. She also presents clear explanations on the way to learn a ballroom dance, for example learning how to dance the Rumba.

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