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What Is A Mezuzah – Tradition And Faith

A mezuzah , according to Jewish tradition, from Deuteronomy, the Biblical book, is a vial that contains a parchment scroll affixed upon the door post of the dwelling. Once the house owners are married, subsequently some mezuzot (the proper plural form instead of mezuzahs) can house both a scroll and the sacred broken wedding glass shards.

The mezuzah is thought to be an ever present reminder of God’s eternal presence and God’s laws recognized as mitzvah. Location of a mezuzah upon the door post is essential, the higher third of the right side of the door post (approximately shoulder height), inside 3 inches of the entrance opening. If a Jew is residing outside of Israel, it is to be attached inside of 30 days of arrival into the home, whether owned or leased, if residing in Israel, it is to be joined straight away. Various interpretations of the law request it be on each door post of the home, not merely the entranceway. Intriguingly enough, even Jews who are not religiously observant nevertheless decide to honour their homes with the practice of a mezuzah.

The parchment itself and also the method in which it is written are vital too. According to custom, it is to be handwritten upon parchment so as to be kosher or valid, a non-kosher mezuzah would be either photocopied or perhaps on plain paper (or even both), and not upon parchment. The parchment including the wording on it must not be damaged as this is thought to cancel the mezuzah, since the mezuzah is deemed as Torah (translated as teaching, directions, doctrine).

Legal cases have ensued due to property management and additionally apartment developers making rules limiting items outside of dwellings eg door-mats, shoes or boots, wreaths, carts or any sort of debris, as they were called. Mezuzot had been documented in this list, which was staved due to a lengthy attack of legal ability, and the mezuzah still continues to be a beacon on the doorframe.

Mezuzah enclosures tend to be developed out of an array of material,eg silver, wood, valuable metals, stone, ceramic, polymer clay, leather, and more lately, clear Lucite. As mentioned above, it can also contain the breaking of the wedding glass, to enclose multiple conventions all in one.

Lucite is a wonderfully modern solution, as it safeguards the scroll so imperviously, as otherwise the scroll is to be by law, embodied in waxed paper or plastic wrap. It is also lovely to view the actual mezuzah each day while strolling by, instead of only a ornamental case.

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