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Weddings Dance Songs: Can You Feel The Love Tonight Review

Wedding dances are always part of a wedding celebration, which is why selecting the ideal wedding dance songs is very important. True enough, you can search from lots of wedding songs out there, but there are few that truly stood out.

Considered as one of these songs is Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John. Who can ever forget the Lion King movie? This song was made far more popular when it was chosen as one of this movie’s original sound track. People can really feel the love when hearing this song. It is a really wonderful love song that all people can truly relate to, making it perfect for recently married couples on their wedding day.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight is also one of the popular Rumba songs that we frequently hear in weddings. The song has a length of 4:00 minutes, making it perfect for the just married couple’s first dance in Rumba style. The song is not that long, and it is not short, either.

Rumba songs have frequently been a part of many weddings because the tempo of these songs isn’t really fast, but not really slow either. If you’re looking for danceable wedding dance songs, you must consider looking for Rumba songs. There are also Rumba songs that are perfect for the other wedding dances, including the father-daughter dance and the mother-son dance.

Also a great thing about the song Can You Feel the Love Tonight is that it can also be played during the father-daughter and mother-son wedding dances. There’s a soft and steady beat all throughout the song, making it a great song for slow dances such as these wedding dances. If your wedding day is just a couple of days away, don’t fret anymore and go for this wonderful wedding dance song.

Susan Todd writes about wedding dance songs that couples can select to play on their wedding day’s first dance and during the father-daughter and mother-son dances in a wedding. Her website provides wedding song reviews, like reviews about Rumba songs for the first dance.

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