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Wedding Videography – Types Of Videos

The evolution of technology used in wedding videography has made cialis online it easier for videographers to shoot and edit wedding videos. The flexibility and ease-of-use afforded by lightweight and compact video cameras and modern video editing software have also resulted in different styles and types of wedding videos. The types of wedding videos (not to be confused with wedding video styles, or how the videos are shot and edited for a certain mood or effect) have recently grown to allow for a wide range of production offerings, with some being made to show at the wedding itself, and some produced for delivery after the event. Here are the different types of wedding videos used in modern wedding videography.

Bridal Elegance

The Bridal Elegance video centers on the bride and her gown, with shooting and editing that emulate a high-fashion video and photo shoot. This type of wedding video may be shot before, after, or during the wedding.

Engagement Video

This type of video is shot as the groom asks the bride for her hand in marriage. The shooting is done in real-time, and often without the bride knowing.


Highlights are usually placed at or near the end of a wedding video, and show the most memorable parts of the wedding ceremony and the reception that comes after. This type of video typically runs less than 10 minutes, and is made for uploading to video-hosting sites and social networks. Highlights may also be stored in a separate DVD.

Invitation Video

The invitation video may be recorded on a DVD and sent to family and friends as part of the printed wedding invitation. This type of video may show the couple or the couple and their parents inviting the viewers of the video to the ceremony and reception.

Love Story

This type of video traditionally contains interviews of the bride and groom, and the events surrounding how they met, their relationship, and plans for the future. The love-story type video may also incorporate re-enactments of certain events or times in their relationship and romantic shots of the couple.

Photo Montage

The photo montage is also known as the video scrapbook. This type of wedding video usually includes still photos delivered through video, and may come with a musical soundtrack, sound bites from the couple and their family and friends, and some video footage.

There are numerous types of wedding videos; videographers are usually not limited to using a single type in each one they produce, but a combination of two or more. Modern wedding videography is not limited to these aforementioned types, as the demands of clients and the creativity of both the couple and videographer constantly generate new styles and types of shooting, editing, and the overall production of wedding videos.

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