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Wedding Songs For The Father-Daughter Dance: A Song For My Daughter

Choosing the right wedding songs for your wedding may look easy because there are a lot of songs available that you can select from. But, choosing the one that would actually capture your heart may take time, and that is because there are a lot to choose from. If you’re looking for a wonderful father-daughter dance song, A Song for My Daughter is definitely a sensible choice.

A Song for My Daughter is sung by Ray Allaire, and the song also has a female version, sung by Mikki Viereck, which can also be sung for a mother-daughter dance. The song is perfect for the father-daughter dance in a wedding as the message of the song conveys of a father’s love for his daughter and his amazement as he realizes that her daughter has fully grown from the girl he knew to the bride he sees today.

There are lots of father-daughter wedding songs but this one really captures the hearts of many fathers. Even fathers who got daughters who are still young and listen to this song can relate to the song, with some even dreading the moment when their children will soon marry, something that they can’t prevent from occuring.

If it is going to be a mother-daughter dance, then the female version of this song can be played. Like the male version, the female version provides a meaningful song that a mother and daughter can truly relate to.

This song is also one of the beautiful Rumba songs for a wedding. The song has a total play time of 3:39 minutes and you can dance this song in Rumba style, but without the common hip movements of a Rumba dance, of course. Rumba songs used as wedding songs are actually common because of the connection of the dancers that becomes obvious in the dance.

Susan Todd wants all couples to experience a remarkable first dance, along with the father-daughter and mother-son dances in the wedding day by using only the most wonderful wedding dance songs.This is the reason her website provides reviews on the numerous wedding songs you can play on your wedding day, and these includes father-daughter wedding songs danced in Rumba style.

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