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Wedding Postage – Not Just For Mailing Wedding Invitations

The obvious reason to purchase special wedding postage is for mailing your wedding invitations. It’s the perfect way to add that final touch in making your invites uniquely personal. Everything about your wedding invitation planning has, up to this point, been about the items that go inside your mailing envelope, but don’t forget you can accessorize the outside as well.

Personalized postage stamps can be used to mail many related wedding stationery buy cialis online items both before and after the actual wedding invitations.

Some other items you can contemplate mailing with wedding postage are listed here in the chronological order of a wedding planning timeline:

  • Engagement Announcements – If you are planning to share the news of your recent engagement to family and friends by mailing out announcements, this could be the perfect opportunity to share a photo stamp that features your engagement photo.
  • Save the Dates – Even before receiving your wedding invitation, guests will have advanced notice of your upcoming wedding date with save the dates. Postage personalized with your names and wedding date would be quite fitting.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations – No matter who plans a bridal shower and sends the invitations, they can choose to purchase pre-designed stamps to match a wedding shower theme.
  • Response Card Envelopes – As a courtesy to guests, a stamp is provided on the return mailing envelope so why not a special wedding postage stamp, maybe even the same design that is used on your invitation envelope since they are mailed together.
  • Rehearsal Invitations – It is recommended that special rehearsal invitations be sent to those guests who are invited to this pre-wedding event so they know when and where they need to be. Again, custom wedding postage could be used.
  • Thank You Cards – Because these are sent post wedding, this would be a great opportunity to create wedding postage using a favorite wedding photo to share with family and friends.

**TIPS – Even though personalized wedding postage costs more than regular postage, you can save some money by using the same custom stamps for mailing multiple items. The more sheets of custom wedding stamps you buy, the better per-sheet price you will pay. Since there are various rates available to accommodate different sizes and weights, always take one of your ready-to-mail invitations to the Post Office to be weighed.

Whether choosing pre-designed wedding stamps or making your own custom photo stamps, you will create that special WOW factor for guests even before they open the envelope. After all, the mailing envelope will be the very first item your guests will see when your invitation or announcement arrives in their mail. Instead of just revealing your return address, surprise guests by attaching a personalized wedding postage stamp.

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