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Wedding Planning Resources Every Bride Can Use

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Planning a beautiful wedding is a big job, but fortunately, no bride has to go it alone. There are many people, books, and websites out there which can help make the job more manageable. Learn where to turn for answers to all of your wedding planning questions.

Every bride needs a wedding planning book or two. There are comprehensive books that go into great detail about every aspect of organizing your wedding, from how many appetizers you need per person to when to mail out the wedding invitations. Planning books also address a variety of special subjects like stationery, decorations, wedding gowns and jewelry, and more. There are even budget wedding planning books, second wedding books, military wedding books – you name it! A good solid reference book is a must, and you might also want to pick up a few smaller volumes that apply to your particular wedding situation.

The Internet is loaded with gorgeous and practical websites for brides. You can get electronic wedding planning books to download price cialis (called ebooks). Some sites offer a free budgeting feature to help you organize your wedding expenses. Brides especially tend to love the sites that have the pictures of recent weddings done in high style. The Internet is home to a huge variety of wedding websites covering topics as diverse as preppy weddings, goth weddings, and destination weddings. You will definitely enjoy checking them out for the “eye candy”. To make the most of the resources available online, set up a social bookmarking site where you can store links to all of your favorite pages. That will make it easy to find the picture of your favorite bouquet or dream wedding gown when you want to print them out to take to an appointment with the florist or the bridal salon.

Of course, there is nothing better than a personal recommendation or tip from someone you know. Keep in mind that your mom has probably planned a wedding or two, and she can probably answer your questions about making a seating chart, picking bouquet colors, and how to plan a bridesmaids’ luncheon. Other ladies who have gotten married in your town in the past couple of years will have a lot of useful information you can use. Your consultant at the bridal salon will probably have the inside scoop about all of the best photographers in your area. The event coordinator at your reception venue will be able to steer you towards the most talented florists. You will find lots more besides these! And if you do not find all the information you need by word of mouth, you can always post questions on local wedding chat boards to get tips from other brides in your area.

There are definitely many great websites about wedding planning, but do not overlook the classic bridal magazine. Turn to them to see how the current wedding dresses look when beautifully styled. There are also bridal magazines made especially for specific regions (great for seeing what different venues people are using), and those which are all about wedding gowns and bridal jewelry. The wedding magazines are nicely arranged with seasonal info, which can make them very useful. One thing is for sure, with so many fantastic resources at your fingertips, you will be able to organize the wedding of your dreams!

Plan a Wedding Resources

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