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Wedding planning checklists are your first steps when you’re planning your wedding.


Planning a wedding is easier, more exciting and fun than you might think. If you desire stress free wedding planning, you will need organization, plenty of time, and patience. Here is a precise plan on how to plan your wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement! Once you’ve come down from cloud nine, go out and buy yourselves a wedding planning organizer. This is the greatest instrument you can use when planning your wedding! Use it to record ideas, inspirations, vendor recommendations and all the important details for planning your wedding.

When you’ve announced your engagement, it’s time to buy your wedding rings. Make sure that announcing your engagement and purchasing the rings (this can be done in reverse) takes place within two to three weeks. Why? Because you’ll want to submit a formal engagement announcement to the paper, specifying a date, if possible, otherwise the date must be set when booking your civil or religious ceremony and you then submit a formal wedding announcement.

The top error couples make when planning their wedding is not realizing the amount of time they will need. Many churches, halls and vendors are normally pre-booked months and months in advance! An informal wedding requires three to six months to plan and book; a semiformal wedding six months to a year and a formal/large wedding 12 to 18 months. Book yourvendors and caterers as soon as you can so you have the greastest chance of getting the ones that you want.

Money doesn’t promise that you will be happy, being in harmony on the matter of money probably will. Make decisions on who is paying for what items, and if either of your parents are helping out financially or not. Remember whoever is paying for something has the final say about what is done, who is going to be invited, etc. so make sure who is going to buy cialis online pay for what

The next thing in planning your wedding is coming up with a wedding budget that works for you. All other how wedding planning decisions flow from this one crucial element. To establish the size of your wedding, you will have to determine the right balance between your wedding dreams and you wedding budget. Your wedding budget will decide the size of your guest list. The price of weddings these day is not inexpensive. You can look ahead to paying 45 to 50% of your total budget for the reception.

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