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Wedding MC Jokes – Getting The Balance Right

Whoever is Master of Ceremonies at a wedding will be expected to crack a few jokes and keep things lighthearted. Here the person taking on the responsibility needs to tread carefully – the role should neither overshadow the Bride and Groom nor the other speakers; and Wedding MC Jokes should be chosen carefully so that nobody attending the wedding feels uncomfortable, shocked or offended.

The role of Wedding MC is often awarded to the best man, although many weddings will have anothe friend or relative, or even a professional MC in the role. However, not all understand the the role is not to be the centre of attention – rather, the Wedding MC should be on hand to make sure the wedding acomplia tablets reception runs smoothly and sorts out any hitches.

That means making frequent announcements to guests so they know what is happening where and when; you are also there to help iron out any problems on the day as they arise. And due to the nature of the day the guests will expect you to include some light humour or a well chosen joke each time you speak.

During the reception it is usual for the Wedding MC to introduce each stage such as the entrance of the Bride and Groom, the speakers, telegrams from absent family and friends and cutting the cake; by knowing that the wedding will be structured in a certain way you can prepare the wedding MC jokes for each stage in advance.

Don’t worry if you don’t regard yourself as a naturally gifted comedian, as most of us aren’t. However, by putting aside some time prior to the wedding you can have a selection of wedding mc jokes and anecdotes that will perfectly complement the day; anecdotes work extremely well, always remembering the golden rule to avoid offending anyone.

By spending a little bit of time prior to the big day learning what is happening and where, at what time and who is involved, you will be able to sit down and think of some humorous comments to use on the day in the role of Wedding MC.

Your wedding MC jokes don’t need to be the funniest thing people have ever heard as the guests will be relaxed and enjoying themselves anyway. However, you should avoid anything that paints the happy couple in a bad light and avoid mother in law jokes or anything else likely to upset his or her parents; and adult humour and bad language are definitely out as the age range attending a wedding can be from small children to great grandparents.


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