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Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation introduces your guests to your wedding and how the event is expected to be.  Upon receiving the invitation, guests would get an idea if your wedding is going to have a casual beach setting, a formal traditional motif, a romantic garden theme, or whatever your theme and style of wedding will be.  It is essential, therefore, to plan your stationery carefully so that it truly reflects the kind of event that you are going to have.

Gone are the days when invitations are almost restricted to being white and classic. In the recent years, wedding invitations have developed a lot more interesting appearances. The colours, materials, and fancy embellishments have gone a long way.  Now, you can have your invitations as stylish and creative as you want them to be, only limited by your imagination… or that of your stationery designer.

Weddings nowadays have become bolder when it comes to their colour schemes.  Long ago, the colour would often be composed of just one colour. At present times, it is not surprising to see weddings with myriad of colours for their schemes.Metallic colours have become a usual sight, while brown has become the new black.You can now derive inspiration from an existing floral design that you desire with beige, teal, lavender and old rose colours… or from your carnival theme with a burst of pinks, oranges and yellows. Of course, the black and white scheme will remain a classic combination that never goes out of style.

Theme weddings have become more popular too.  While old invitations have mostly just words and lines in theme, probably with a small embossed monochromatic dove or wedding rings or hearts or flowers, today’s invitations have as much freedom of design as you want. They can reflect the theme of your wedding by having all these coloured flowers, if you’re having buy Levitra Super Active+ online a garden wedding; sand, seashells, and frangipani designs, if you’re after a tropical beach theme; laces and glitters for the luxurious events, and so on.

cheap acomplia online target=”_blank” href=”http://mareeyah.com/wedding-planning/wedding-invitations/”>Wedding invitations no longer arrive just in slim envelopes.  Sometimes, they come in boxes, too. This is usually because of the three dimensional embellishments added to the invitations. You can add satin ribbons, silk flowers, rhinestone buckles, seashells, crystal beads, feathers, pearls, lace appliques, or tassels.

The ultra creative designs of invitations today have called for the availability of specialty papers. A vast amount of beautiful paper is available in the market, making any design of invitation you want absolutely possible. There are recycled, linen, vellum, metallic, handmade, printed, or paper with glitters.

Creating the Invite
Basically, you will have three options. First, for the brave and creative artists, you can do it yourself. cialis This can be tricky, so better keep your design simple enough for you to handle. The advantage of this would be having an absolutely unique invitation at a lower price. Second, just as many brides do, you can easily order your invitations from wedding stationery suppliers. Naturally, the price would be higher, but you will have beautiful invitations made by professionals and all you have to do is to address the envelops. Lastly, there is also what is known as half-and-half. In the market, there are DIY invitation kits available.  In these kits, invitations are partly done, and you can just assemble them yourself or with the help of your family, friends, or bridal party.

Finally, always remember that packaging your wedding invitation is important as well. Mailing your invitations means that they will possibly some rough handling. A few brides have been upset and dismayed at seeing their beautifully made invitations in a miserable appearance after being received by a family or friend through the mail. So it’s either you take extra care in packaging your invites, or hand deliver them personally.

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