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Wedding Invitation Printing Options

An invitation to attend a wedding is not the same as just sending out a card.  The tone of your wedding day is first set with your wedding invitations.  The first impressions of your guests are based on the look and feel of the wedding invitation they receive in the mail.  If you’ve spent a lot of time fretting over card stock and printing, don’t feel foolish.  You are absolutely correct to attach such importance to this seemingly small decision, and with today’s choices being as varied as they are, it does take some time to sort through the process. 

In printing wedding invitations, there are five main types that are most commonly used.  When making your decision about which to use, consider your budget and the paper type you will use.   

Thermography is one of the newer processes.  Thermography uses high temperatures to fuse powder and ink together, giving the result of a nice raised letter on the paper.  It doesn’t take quite as long as traditional engraving, and because the use of printings is not used, it is one of the least expensive prints. 

Embossing, another common method of printing wedding invitations, requires no ink.  Instead, it is done with metal plates.  When done correctly, it is stunning.  Your choices of images and lettering are etched into metal plates, which are then stamped directly into your choice of paper.  Embossing takes much longer, so be sure and allow several weeks from order to receipt. 

Lithography is one of the least expensive types of printing, and is a good choice if you plan to use textured paper.  The ink is carefully mixed so that it will match properly on all your printed matter, then is stamped directly onto the paper.  Because the text is flat, it works well on textures.  Lithography is very popular due to the process being so inexpensive and quick. 

One of the more expensive and time consuming printing methods super cialis is Foil Stamping.  Entire invitations printed using this method are used only for very formal affairs, but many brides purchase cardstock with foil stamped decorations and then add their own text using another method.  Foil etchings are heated and stamped into the paper. 

With orgins dating back to the 17th century, engraving is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of printing in the world.  Engraving uses a sandwiching method which produces finely textured raised lettering, which because of its density, is suitable for many different types free cialis of paper.  It is another method that is quite expensive and time consuming, so consider your budget carefully and be sure and order your engraved wedding invitations at least six weeks in advance. 

The choices that are available to modern brides are many and varied. As long buy Lasix online as you take the time to carefully investigate your options, you’re certain to come up with wedding invitations that you’ll truly love. 

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