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Wedding Invitation Kits

Wedding Invitations are one of the first choices a bride and groom-to-be need to make and quite possibly one of the most important.  The invitation is an open door to your new world cialis online together and can set the theme for your entire wedding.  Many couples fret over the plethara of choices out there today and the cost can range from very low to high end (some professionally done formal invites can get quite pricey – I once read that a formal establishment in New York charged as much as $60.00 per invite but they were keepsake heirlooms).  So what is a new couple to do?  Well, today it seems more and more couples are nixing the traditional choice and looking at a much more budget friendly yet professional looking choice – doing it themselves with wedding invitation kits.

Now there are many things to consider before going this route.  One is time.This is a very busy and hectic time in your life and adding one more thing to your agenda can seem overwhelming.If you are willing to do a little legwork up front, the end result will not only be considerably less expensive but beautiful and professional looking as well.

By doing it yourself you have more control over how your invitations will look and the overall appearance of the invite.   You can use non-traditional wording, fonts..the little things that are sometimes hard to find when going the traditional route.  With the ever changing trends of color, style and embellishments, you are able to choose which ones you would like to include and which ones you want to keep traditional.  Mix it up and and have fun at the same time.  Sharing these moments together can add to the excitement you feel as a couple as you plan your future.

Today, many designers are experimenting a lot with color combinations.  Take a look around at what is popular and incorporate that into your wedding invitation without making it a typical “off the rack” version where you have no control over how your invitation will look or the wording that appears on the invite.  You can mix and match it to your own personality and make it a really special invitation that exudes your personalities to your guests. With the wide array of colors in existence, you can really find the one color and wording combination that are perfect for your wedding.  (Watermelon seems to be big this year – experiment with different variations of a color!)

Embellishments to your invitation are also easier when you “do it yourself”.  Layered invitations are gaining popularity so you could choose to layer it with different “eye popping” colors – the colors of your wedding can be represented from the start with your invitation.  Layering lets you truly experiment with colors to see which ones work and which ones don’t.Let your creativity shine through with your invitation.Try not to make this a stressful event.Have fun doing it.  Experiment with different colors, different wording, different fonts.You can us ribbons as your sash.Sash your invitations around the middle and glue a crystal stone or gem onto the invite which compliments the color(s) of your card.  This creates a more elegant look if that is your objective.  You can also make it more casual and fun.

It yours is a destination wedding, consider adding seashells or a starfish if it is a beach destination or a charm or cross for a more personalized touch.  The world is your oyster when you choose to do it yourself with wedding invitation kits.

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Again, there are definitely drawbacks to this type of invitation, not the least of which is the necessity to be prepared.Plan ahead by recruiting a few family members to join in so they feel part of the celebration.  They are happy you are happy – win-win.

Another drawback – PROOFREAD – you are in control of your own destiny here so be sure to proofread your invite before printing them off.Suggesion – purchase more than you need of both cards and paper as this will alleviate any last minute meltdowns from mistakes that may occur.

But the positives are numerous, including the cost.  For a fraction of what you would pay the traditional way, you can create a professionally crafted invitation that you will remember and have as a keepsake for the rest of your lives.

Now is the time to start thinking “outside of the box”.  Create something truly unique that represents who the two of you really are as a couple.

Consider do it yourself wedding invitation kits as a option when planning for your big day.  With the ever rising costs of weddings, why not treat your pocketbook to a little breather without sacrificing any value.

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