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Wedding Dance Songs Review: Thank Heaven For Little Girls By Merle Haggard

If you have already picked the song to play on your first dance, then it is time to pick the songs for the other special wedding dances, including the father-daughter dance. The father-daughter dance is one important dance that ought to be included in each wedding, and to make this dance rather more memorable for both the bride and her father, only the best wedding dance songs for the father-daughter dance should be found on your wedding songs list.

One of these wedding dance songs that you may wish to consider is “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” by Merle Haggard. This song has the ideal lyrics for a father-daughter dance. In the intro of the song, about 19 seconds of the whole song, the beat might be a little tougher to hear, but this is nothing to stress about as you can choose to eliminate this particular bit of the song to make the dance far easier.

In the subsequent parts of the song, you will only hear soft and steady beats that can be clearly heard all throughout the song. The song actually plays a bit fast but with more practice, you will get to understand how you can properly dance this song with no further difficulties at all. And, with a total duration of 2:31 minutes, nothing could mess up with this song.

This song is best danced in Foxtrot steps. If you don’t have any idea yet as to ways to dance the Foxtrot, do not worry. It is a dance that any person can simply learn. Just weeks before the wedding event, you can ask your dad to practice the Foxtrot dance with you. You can also hire a professional dance instructor to help you with this if budget isn’t a huge concern but for the budget-conscious individuals, you can turn to Foxtrot videos as well as Foxtrot tutorials that you can view or download online.

Now going back to one of the best wedding dance songs for the father-daughter dance, should you happen to have a copy of the lyrics of the song “Thank Heaven for Little Girls”, you would know that it is indeed ideal for the father-daughter dance. It sounds old style but this is why it’s a lot more appealing to dads. At one time of his life, your father may have heard this song, too.

Susan Todd experienced for herself an extremely beautiful wedding day, and she desires the same thing for everyone else, also , with the help of great wedding dance songs. Her website contains plenty of reviews of numerous wedding songs, including a review on the song “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” by Merle Haggard.

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