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Wedding Dance Songs Review: Daddy’s Angel By Anthony Carter

When I heard this song play on the radio, I knew in a moment that it’s one of the best father-daughter dance songs that all women should have on their list of wedding dance songs. You can’t disagree with how beautifully the song portrays a father’s love for her child. Though it is clear that the dad is heartbroken in this song, it evidently shows that a father’s love is similar to a mother’s love, powerful, limitless, and unconditional.

The song “Daddy’s Angel” by Anthony Carter contains just about all that a father has to point out to his daughter on her wedding day. It speaks from deep inside and is undeniably an evidence of a father’s great love. There are a lot of great wedding dance songs that are danced perfectly in Nightclub Two Step dance, and this song is among them.

Father-daughter wedding dance songs in Nightclub Two Step are common in wedding events. They sometimes have easy to hear beats and can be danced in simple and easy-to-learn steps. Fathers do not typically go for difficult dancing steps, making the Nightclub Two Step excellent for them at dancing.

In the song’s introduction, the beat is actually soft but later on, it becomes steady and easy to hear till the song finishes. I’d suggest that you sway slowly in the intro and when the beat becomes steady, you can switch over to the Nightclub Two Step dancing moves. The song’s speed is good for a wedding dance, not too fast and not so slow either. Its length is 3:52 minutes.

If you want to make your wedding day very memorable not only for both you and your partner but also for the other special people in your lives, your parents, be sure to play the best wedding dance songs you can ever find. And, on your list should be Daddy’s Angel by Anthony Carter.

Susan Todd has this passion for helping brides and grooms to get their perfect wedding day through the best wedding dance songs. She writes regarding some of the beautiful wedding songs, including father-daughter dance songs in Nightclub Two Step, to help couples achieve the ideal wedding day.

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