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Wedding Dance Songs Review: Colour My World By Chicago

Wedding dance songs are a vital part of the wedding. It gives life to the significant wedding dances, most especially the newly married couple’s first dance. This entire wedding celebration signifies a start, a new chapter in the newly married couple’s lives, and this first dance is one start as a couple that all would love to witness in this very special event.

Selecting the proper wedding dance songs for your wedding day may be complicated especially that there is a lot of songs to make a choice from. But if you’re dancing your first dance to the Viennese Waltz, this list of songs will be narrowed down. Make sure that before you select a wedding dance song for your wedding day, you have selected the kind of dance that you wish to dance, for example the Viennese Waltz.

One beautiful song that is suitable for a Viennese Waltz first dance is “Colour My World” by Chicago. Plenty of individuals have chosen this song as their first dance song from among the many wedding dance songs that they can find out there, and this is all because the song speaks of true love, and the slow tempo also helps the song become even more romantic for a first dance.

A few people believe that this song is suitable for a Rumba dance but the song’s slow tempo makes it hard to do that. The speed is just right for a Waltz dance. There’s a steady and easy-to-hear beat all throughout the song, and the speed is excellent for a Waltz dance. Its total duration is 3:02 minutes.

With this song, nothing could go bad during your first dance. You get to enjoy a first dance in one of the greatest type of ballroom dances accompanied by one of the most amazing wedding dance songs of all time.

Susan Todd has this zeal for lending a hand to people to get their wonderful wedding day through the best wedding dance songs. In her website, you can find many wedding dance song reviews, including the song “Colour My World” by Chicago.

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