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Wedding Cakes 101



If you have recently become engaged, there are many details you will need to figure out for your wedding. One of the most fun choices you will get to make is what kind of wedding cake you would like. These are the steps that go into picking out a wedding cake.

Start by thinking about how big you want your cake to be, and also what shapes you like. Round tiers are most traditional. A square shaped cake is fun for a contemporary style. Octagonal tiers are lovely for a very elegant wedding or opt for a mixture of shapes to give your cake a whimsical feeling. 3 tiers is the most traditional height, but of course you could have 5 or even 7 tiers for a huge wedding. There are also brides who simply like the style of tall fancy wedding cakes, even if they don’t have that many guests. If you want a very tall cake without the expense, your bakery can create a cake with several faux tiers. The cool thing is that the fake tiers will blend right in with the real cake once they are frosted.

After that, it will be time to pick out your cake flavor. Everyone looks forward to meeting with the baker to sample cake flavors! White buttercream cake is the most traditional for weddings. It will often feature a filling such as raspberry buttercream or chocolate ganache between the layers. Chocolate wedding cakes are more and more popular every year. For the chocoholics out there, a chocolate cake is fantastic. It’s especially suitable for a wedding in the cool months of the year. Certain cialis online seasons will lend themselves to particular cake flavors. Light flavors like lemon or key lime are delightful for summer weddings, while rich spice cakes or fruitcakes are ideal for a winter wedding. You also might want to find out if there are any specialty cake varieties which are popular in your area. Southern brides love a classic red velvet cake with white frosting.

Then you can choose your favorite frosting variety. Most wedding cakes are frosted with buttercream or fondant, but you could also go with cream cheese, whipped cream, or royal icing. A classic wedding frosting is tasty buttercream. Fondant will give you a smooth as glass look and holds up well on a hot day. The main drawback to fondant is that it does not taste as good as it looks. Royal icing is a traditional British favorite, while a coconut frosting would be ideal for a wedding in the tropics. A rich cream cheese frosting would be a great choice on a spice cake for an autumn reception. Chocolate frosting is a crowd pleaser summer, spring, winter or fall.

With the basics decided, you will get to choose how you would like your cake to be decorated. You will have many delightful options, beginning with cut flowers. Handmade sugar flowers are always impressive, especially when created in large quantities. Due to how labor intensive they are, the handmade flowers will cost more than fresh ones. Sometimes brides like to decorate their cake to match their wedding jewelry. Jeweled cake toppers are popular among brides wearing crystal wedding jewelry, while frosting “pearls” are favored by brides wearing pearl bridal jewelry. Other elegant wedding cake decorations include ribbons, bows, swags, monograms, and scrollwork. The best part of all is when you step into your wedding reception and see the magnificent cake you helped to design.

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