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Wedding Cake Inspiration


Everyone looks forward to seeing the wedding cake at a reception. It is sort of the crowning glory of the party, somewhat like the bridal gown is to the ceremony. Brides wonder: how will I ever choose a cake design? Get inspired by these wedding cake design concepts.

Your wedding colors are a logical starting place for your wedding cake design. Let’s say that you have chosen a palette of brown and baby blue for everything from the bridesmaid jewelry and dresses to the tablecloths at the reception. A cake in the same color family will be a lovely complement to your design plan. An elegant damask pattern would look lovely in this type of high contrast color combination, as would a whimsical design of pop art circles and dots. The colors you used in your reception site should be featured in the cake frosting.

It is really pretty to recreate bits of the bridal gown in the wedding cake design. An elegant idea is to have the baker frost the cake to look like bridal lace. The baker could make a cake that looks like the embellishments on your gown. Draw inspiration from your bridal jewelry set. If crystal bridesmaid jewelry and bridal jewelry will be a feature on your big day, ask the baker to top your cake with a custom crystal cake topper. Another beautiful idea is to give your cake the soft glow of pearls by adding a luminous powder to the frosting. Fabulous!

The wedding invitations might not be the first thing that come to mind when seeking a great cake decorating plan, but they are worth considering. If your invitations featured a custom monogram or a special motif, it would be marvelous to have that design used on the wedding cake. You may find that the flavor of your wedding invitations will inform your choice of cake. Maybe your invitations are in pretty colors like navy and plum – that can be the color palette for your confection. Maybe you had invitations made from paper with petals embedded in it; it would be lovely to design a cake with scattered petals.

Naturally, your wedding theme is an excellent source of inspiration for your wedding cake. If you are having a beach theme celebration, plan a cake which is decorated with sculpted frosting seashells and starfish. Brides planning rustic weddings can decorate their cakes with marzipan fruit in seasonal varieties. For a preppy wedding, try a pink and green argyle cake. If you are having a retro reception, choose a cake made to look like it is from the ’50s or ’60s. Remember to consider your wedding theme as a source of inspiration for your dessert.

There are countless additional cialis dosage sources of inspiration. You could reproduce the same cake that your parents had at their wedding, base a design on your honeymoon destination, or simply choose a cake that is decorated with your favorite seasonal flowers. Have a great time coming up with an awesome wedding cake concept.

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