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Wedding Cake Ideas For Your Special Day

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The wedding cake is a conventional component of any wedding day currently at least here in Australia. What component does it play in your special day right after your  Melbourne Celebrants has married you though? To understand this completely you will need to know a bit of background about the origins of the wedding cake. In the times of the Roman Empire an actual loaf of bread made of barley was broken on the bride’s head by the groom. This was to symbolize his dominance more than the marriage and her, along with the breaking of her state of virginity.

As the many years went on the wedding cake grew to become the lovely pastry we know these days. It give up becoming broken over the bride’s head for sensible factors. Can you imagine the chaos the icing would make in her hair? Some countries though nevertheless practice bursting cake over a bride’s head but it is not like the confections we have in Australia.

Now the wedding cake is sliced with each other by the bride and groom. This is their very first job as a married couple. The bride and groom then feed each other a piece of cake as a signal of their commitment. This should really be a enjoyable part of your reception by the way. You can even get icing on each other’s faces and laugh while you are feeding each other the items of wedding cake.

There are several styles of wedding cakes these days. Most are created in graduated layers going from big on the bottom level with each layer scaled-down up to the leading layer. On the leading layer there is numerous occasions little bride and groom statues. There can be other decorations on top also though.

Flowers customarily are thought of as being on the wedding torte either in icing or fresh. The colour of these flowers matches the flowers you have in your Melbourne wedding and at times the precise flower can be replicated in icing. Of course today there are a lot of types of methods the cakes are decorated that are something but traditional. It is truly a matter of the bride’s personal option and what she would like in a wedding dessert.

This dessert is so special though it should be the centre of attention at the reception. The bench that holds it should be positioned in a location of honour for all to see. You will be cutting the cake in front of everybody too so keep this in mind for the placement of it.

The top layer of the cake is not served to the guests. It is typically preserved for the bride and groom to take home. It can be frozen and eaten on their first anniversary if they so choose. The guests get to appreciate the rest of the marriage ceremony cake.

Now you know what part the wedding cake plays in your wedding. Just look at all the ideas for these cakes as you can to make positive you get one that fits your unique marriage ceremony melbourne. You will remember this day for the rest of your existence and all the unique things that go into organizing it. 




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