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Ways To Have A Garden Wedding Ceremony

Only a few things in life are as romantic as a garden wedding. It’d be heavenly to start your married life in nature’s lap amidst blossoming flowers and chirping birds, waiting for a pleasant beginning. The pleasant outside setting, mixed with the presence of all those who matter to you, is bound to bring happiness and makes it an extraordinary day. Spring or summer can be the ideal season for a garden wedding in any of the Long Beach wedding venues.

Are you considering the best way to have a great garden wedding? Take a cue from the pointers below.


If you’ve got a garden wedding ceremony in mind , the venue you choose is the most vital factor. First, it should be a professionally maintained garden that will be blooming in time for your wedding. 2nd, it should be spacious enough to seat and serve food to all your guests. There also should be a big enough space indoors close to the garden in order to accomodate everybody in case if it starts raining or becomes cold and windy.

Based totally on your financial position, you can choose public or privately maintained gardens or grow your favourite blooming plants and trees in your own backyard. If the latter is your option, it is essential that you start the preparations in winter or autumn. If you have no experience in gardening, seek help from knowledgeable mates or pros who can give you the right inputs for cultivating and nurturing an attractive garden. Cooperate with your chums and come up with as much greenery as you can around you on your wedding day.

Wedding Theme and Decoration

While the garden in itself is a scenic setting, a thematic surrounding for your wedding would add relevance to the occasion. Right from the selecting dresses to decorating the outdoors, the theme of the marriage adds more fun and frolic. Flowers are the specialisation of and the primary inspiration behind any garden wedding ceremony. They set the right tone for the parties that ensue. Brides can go for wearing white, pink or any softly colored dress with matching flower-themed accessories and bouquets while grooms can stick to the normal suit set. Choose flowers of the spring like daffodils, lilies or tulips or any colorful, enormous, bright flowers. If the flowers from your garden are not enough, engage a flower-seller to offer blossoms for decoration. Aside from flowers, you can set any other bright colors for the theme, say green or red, and decorate tables, chairs, altar and other props in this theme. Bring in decorative settings like temporary pillars or arches adorned with ribbons and fabric. You can position the altar in a highlighted backdrop like a tree canopy, pruned bushes or flower beds.


At your marriage, let the food treat your guests to the tastes of the season. Light and straightforward dishes and starters are definitely preferred. You are able to add an individual touch by serving salads made of home-grown vegetables and fruit freshly picked from your garden. Set the tables and chairs spread out in the grass to make seating and moving around straightforward. Have rubbish cans at acceptable places, preferably closer to where you serve food. After all of the celebrations, you would hate to see your garden in a total mess of leftovers. But you needn’t always have to worry about such things as they can be covered in the catering contract.


A garden wedding ceremony is not complete without the favors that you plan for your visitors. Nothing matches the joy of sharing a piece of your contentment with your loved ones. Many couples opt to present seeds or potted flowering plants that they like the most. Trail mix, organic honey and pamphlets also make good gifts that may be relished and cherished.

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