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Warm Ideas For Winter Weddings


A cold weather wedding can still feel warm and inviting. The right colors and details can really help you to take the chill off your winter wedding. From flowers to linens to bridal jewelry, all of your choices can add up to create a very warm atmosphere. Any of these wedding planning ideas will make a cold weather wedding feel warmer and more inviting.

The right colors will quickly transform the feeling of your wedding. While the ice blue and silver palette is lovely, it is also very cold. Choose hues with a redish cast. Soft pink and gold would be a very elegant alternative to the blue and silver wedding color scheme. You won’t find anything more lovely. They are absolutely gorgeous together. A sophisticated claret color would also be a wonderful choice. Gilt details will add a sense of luxury and grandeur. Your wedding will be just stunning!

Your wedding gown is another element that can be used to take the chill out of a cold wedding day. Once again, start by selecting a warmer hue to wear instead of stark white. Fair skinned brides will look very pretty in a cream colored dress, while ladies with deeper or olive skin tones will look radiant in champagne. A glowing silk shantung material would be a beautiful choice for the bride. Mix in wonderful textural items made from feathers or slubby silk. Gold jewelry for the bride will be beautiful with a warm toned wedding gown. A wedding gown with gilt beadwork would be so gorgeous with gold jewelry on the bride.

The wedding flowers and decorations are another opportunity to create warmth in a cold weather wedding. Centerpieces with branches are always popular for winter weddings. Branches are popular for winter decorations, but you can make them warmer by choosing ones that have flowers on them. Quince, with its tiny pinkish blossoms, would be a truly lovely choice. The flowering branches will bring a touch of spring to your celebration. Intertwine orchids with the branches for a magical centerpiece. Tiny votive candles all around the centerpieces will be so pretty.

You will find many more ways to give your wintery wedding a warm and inviting feeling. Upgrade to beautiful tablecloths with gold embroidery. Use uplighting to cast a warm glow on the walls of your reception space. Bring in a portable fireplace to use in a cozy reception lounge area. Your wedding will feel so cozy and inviting that people won’t ever want it to end.

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