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Victorian Wedding Themes Explained In Brief

There is absolutely no other era, in our opinion, as beautiful as the Victorian era.

It was a time not only characterised by its prosperity, but for its incredibly artistic expressions. There are just so many gorgeous and simply unique ways to create a Victorian style wedding, Read on for a few of our favourites!

Colour Schemes

For a Victorian style wedding, you should choose light pastel colours, like pale pink, ivory, lilac, pale order cialis blue and light green. Choosing a gold or silver trim works well too.


* Whether you’re making the wedding invitations yourself or buying them pre-made, use ones that have that touch of sophistication and invitations with a vintage feel.

* Try engraving your invites with calligraphy and silver or gold printing

* Use thick, high quality paper and card to achieve a more formal look and feel.

* Decorate your invites with pictures, ferns and roses entwined in swirly vines

Take a look at our vintage wedding invitations range


* Crystal is a must when it comes to a Victorian theme for a wedding. Dangle crystal chandeliers from the ceilings. You may even place crystal dishes and candlestick holders around the room.

* Line areas with Victorian type spindles and pillars.

* Use lace trim along tables edges and curtains.

* Use pewter style decorations wherever possible (tables and chairs etc).

* Drape long flowing fabrics over the accents.

* Place doilies on the tabletops.

* Have potted ferns scattered around the room.

* Tea cups and potpourri work well to achieve this desired look.


* Engraved champagne glasses.

* Victorian heart shaped jewellery boxes.

* A potted fern.

* Decorative, personalised doilies.

* Glass candlestick holders.

* Tea cups.

Fun Things to Wear

You can really have fun getting dressed up for this theme. Have your guests join in by getting them to come in a Victorian style dress! This can include:

* Long, elbow or wrist length gloves.

* Look for replicas of Victorian style wedding gowns to wear on the day.

* Wear your hair up, with curls hanging down to frame the face.

* Men can wear formal tuxes with tailcoats, bow ties, white gloves and formal vests underneath.


You’re sure to have a lot of fun choosing flowers for a Victorian theme. The key is to remember to make your arrangements look as formal as possible. Here are some flowers that work and compliment your wedding:

* Pansies.

* Baby’s breath.

* White and pale pink roses.

* Violets.

* Lilies.

* Orange blossoms.

* Ferns.

* Dried flowers and potpourri.

There are so many beautiful and original ways to create the perfect Victorian style wedding, you really can’t go wrong!

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