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“Using the Force” at Your Wedding

You’re planning your wedding. Everybody has their two cents – your parents, your future in-laws, the guy at the grocery store, even those random friends on Facebook you haven’t talked to in years. But what do YOU want? You, today’s bride and groom, have a myriad of options at your fingertips. You can go for an all-out wedding with all the bells and whistles. You can fly off to Vegas and be married by an Elvis impersonator. You can have a wedding that’s theme reflects your commone interests and (dare we say?) obsessions.

For example, a couple who meets playing a certain popular online game. They might be inclined to choose a wedding theme that goes along with the world where they first met – and they might wear whatever a Night Elf would don for their wedding. Skydiving couples might say their vows 15,000 feet in the air. There are no rules to keep you from doing what you want to do (within reason) on your special day.

One theme that has lasted throughout the last few decades has been that of a Star Wars theme. Don’t we all love Star Wars? You might think it would be hard to pull off a Star Wars wedding, or you might think that people will make fun of you. What do you care what they think? It is YOUR wedding! You can do it in a subtle manner or you can go all out – but don’t write off the idea until you consider the idea.

Why Star Wars? What is it that makes the Star Wars mythos have such staying power? It could be the simple idea behind the story – that good and evil truly do exist and that people choose, through their actions and buy cialis online alliances, which one they advocate. The Star Wars movies illustrate this theme again and again. There is a Dark Side of the Force, and the Force itself. If you are someone on the Dark Side of the Force, you chose to be there. You became seduced by greed, the lust for power, or other dark desires that turned you away from the Good side.

Another important theme is that no matter how bad you are, there is always time to return to the Good side of the Force. Anakin Skywalker becomes Darth Vadar because he allowed hate, despair, grief, and the lust for power overtake him. He committed all sorts of atrocities (like blowing up Princess Leia’s home planet, cutting off his own son’s hand, etc.) but in the end his love for his children saved him from the Dark Side of the Force. So he was redeemed and at peace – all translucent and happy while the Ewoks danced.

Isn’t that sort of what a wedding is about? Regardless of your past, you have this amazing opportunity to start life anew with the person you love. You both have put aside your past transgressions, you’ve forgiven each other for all your faults, and you’ve decided to share your lives in a union of truth and love. What could be closer to the good side of the Force than that?


So, if you want to use this Star Wars theme to illustrate the magic and the goodness of your union, there are easy ways to incorporate this theme without spending a lot of money or time. For instance, you could merely get a Star Wars wedding cake topper, or you could incorporate Star Wars action figures into your centerpieces. You could put Star Wars graphics on your invitations, or you could hand out Lego Star Wars party favors at the reception.

You could go all out and do all of the ideas listed above and add some Star Wars-themed wedding outfits. Look at some online photos of Star Wars-themed weddings, and may the force be with you!


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