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Use Facebook To Book Your Next Limousine Booking!

Use facebook to help you organise your prom limo hire perth. When used in a responsible demeanour facebook is a superb method of organizing events and your school formal car hire.

Having 2 kids who have attended their school balls in the past two years I have arranged the limo hire booking both times and used facebook event feature this year to book a limo hire booking for a party of 30 and that was effortless and hassle-free.

The facebook event function sends out invitations to all the school friends you would like to be in your prom chauffered vehicle. Then everyone simply clicks on Yes to assert they want to be included, No cleary means they do not want to be included or maybe, which implies they are considering and looking in to it. If a few kids reject the invite just ask more friends to the group to ask them. We over invited and said the first 30 to accept the invite would be in the group. This created a little bit of pressure to get everybody into gear and to make a choice in a pretty short time period and not just read it and forget it.

Utilising the event application also means one person isn’t left to phoning or emailing and passing on the arrangements to everyone. You can tell everybody in the group how much the limo hire will cost, what features the limo has and what is included in the limo hire booking etc all in one hit. Adding a link to the limo hire perth companies website is also a great idea so everybody can check out photos of the limo and read what past scholars had to say about the limo hire perth company for example.

At anytime that you have any information regarding your car hire arrangements and you need to let everyone in your group know about it you just go into the event and write on the wall and everyone will be sent the message.

Most limousine hire perth operators will ask for a deposit up front when you make the booking with the balance to be paid 4 to 8 weeks prior to your prom. On both occasions that I’ve been involved in collection of the money we have asked everyone to pay the whole amount upfront this way if anyone changes their mind it is up to them to find a replacement to get their cash back or they loose their money. When we confirmed everybody had paid, I paid the deposit and kept the balance of the money aside until the limo hire company requested the final payment.

With 30 people in our car hire group we nominated 3 parents as money collectors and printed 3 lists of names. As the money was paid names were ticked off the lists. The 3 lists were collacted to make one master list to check everybody had paid.

Utilising the facebook event function is definitely a good way to oraganise your limo hire booking “try it, I’m sure you will agree.

Frustrated at the countless hours her daughters and their friends spent sourcing items for their school ball, Kylie a mother of three 3 teenage girls developed a Perth school ball website. It is designed to help students, parents and school personnel find businesses providing goods and services for the school ball quickly and easily all on the one website. Including Perth ball dress shops, suit hire, makeup artists and advice eg limo hire perth tips etc.

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