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Unusual Wedding Gifts

How often have you been invited to a wedding only for it to approach and you haven’t bought a gift? What do you do? I have had that happen to me and it is so late that I just don’t know what to get. On two occasions I have actually bought vouchers on the way to the wedding.

There had been a recent trend of buying unusual wedding gifts and there are many reasons for it. More and more people are living together before they get married which means that they already have a lot of the traditional gift. Also, guests want to out do the other guest generic acomplia 20mg and buying unusual wedding gifts is a way to do it.

I was invited to a wedding recently, a medieval wedding theme. I didn’t go because I had other commitments. The couple there had an interesting way of guest buying gifts. We didn’t have to buy normal gifts, the couple thought it would be nice to request money for the honeymoon but in a slightly cialis without prescription different way.

They thought about the individual things they wanted rather than saying ‘give us money for the honeymoon’. After they decided what they wanted to do on their honeymoon they then found out how much each one cost. For example, they worked out the cost for meal for one (and two) at a restaurant they liked and gave the price. They did this for a range of activities.

As a guest you then had the chance to go and decide what you wanted to ‘buy’. You could buy a brunch at the local cafe or if you were feeling generous you could pay for a scuba diving lesson. In return they would take a picture of them doing it and would send that picture to you.

As you can see from above it isn’t solely down to the guest to find unusual wedding gifts. The couple that are getting married can assist by producing a list.

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