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Unusual Locations For Magical Weddings

A marriage or civil partnership is one of those landmark life events, and therefore it is important that the day of the ceremony is made as special as possible. Of course, the most important thing is the love shared between the couple; however there are many things that will add to the very special magic of that special day.
Foremost amongst these is the choice of venue, and in this day and age, and with use of the Internet, it is possible to find the perfect event, not only to suit both your personalities, but also to add an element of excitement to the occasion.

So, what are the options for unusual venues that will make your special marriage day that little bit more magical?

1 Film Studios
The beauty of a marriage or civil partnership is that there will be moments of pure romance. And what could be more romantic than getting hitched in a film studio, the location for some of the most romantic moments history (even if they are fictional).
High profile film studios such as Pinewood can now accommodate civil ceremonies, and should you choose to have a ceremony in Pinewood you will be able to use the “Gatsby” room, setting for one of the most romantic films of all time “The Great Gatsby.”

2 Castles
For many, getting married is a chance to relive those fantasies of being a prince or princess, and therefore only the most glamorous location will be apt; with this in mind, there are loads of great castles in which to get married, up and down the country.
Some examples of these include Guthrie Castle or Fingask Castle, which are perfect for civil ceremonies as well as marriages; the perfect place to live out those childhood fantasies!

Such is the range of potential venues for a marriage or civil ceremony that your choice will only be restricted by your imagination and therefore even the most idiosyncratic tastes are likely to find their ideal venue, with the help of the Internet. If you are planning a wedding at a hotel Kent has some of the most beautiful locations.

When looking at hotels as potential venues a good tip is to concentrate on hotels that offer both facilities – if you want conference and accommodation Kent has much to offer –they will have extensive experience of large functions that have to be carried out with intricate planning and timing.

For example, maybe you don’t even fancy getting married on land! In which case there are many ships, such as the HMS Belfast, which will accommodate your ceremony, or perhaps you want to get married in a museum surrounded by your special interests, in which case you might consider getting wed in a location such as London Canal Museum

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