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Try These Great Party Themes For Your Hens Night

A hens night should be an event the bride-to-be will always remember.

While you will need to pay particular attention to the agenda for the evening, you also need to think about the hen party’s dress for the night. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure that your hens party is dressed the same and in keeping with your chosen theme for the night. When you are all dressed alike, others are certain to spot your party everywhere you go and give it the attention you’re looking for.

If you're looking for a kooky concept for your hens night, give it a masquerade theme. Have the girls dressed up as though they are going to a masked ball. The bride-to-be can hide her identity and be as brazen as she wants during the night of fun and flirtatious activities. You don’t need ball gowns to pull this theme off. Some ideas for a masquerade party include bejewelled and feathered masks, fun headdresses and even elaborate rugs. Combine these with club wear, cocktail dresses, or formal clothes dependent on your destinations for the evening.

For a theme that is wacky and exuberant, let her favourite films set the tone of the night. This is an effective way to mix a special moment for the bride with an entertaining theme for the hens night. Choose her favourite childhood movie and dress up like princesses, or go with the nightmare flick her fiance ‘ made her see on their first date and dress as zombie bridesmaids. You can get really creative and fun with this sort of theme. Just remember to let the bride play the leading role as you pay tribute to her favourite film throughout the night.

If some of the girls within your hens party are not quite up for all out get ups, you can still coordinate your clothes with a wardrobe that is classy and chic. Give everyone a colour scheme to dress in so you clearly match and are familiar as one party. A popular choice is to have the bridesmaids dress in a black and bling with rhinestone heat transfers applied to the hens party shirts. The bride could do the same but maybe wearing a white shirt. You can coordinate your colors with the wedding, the bride’s favorite shades, or anything that works. If the bride doesn’t like to be the centre of attention, have the hens dress as a bride so onlookers are left guessing who the special girl is.

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