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Topping your wedding cake

Once upon a time, wedding cake toppers consisted of a little plastic buy cialis bride and groom that didn’t have much personality nor quality about them. The tradition of having a little bride and groom on top fo a wedding cake began back in the 1950s in the USA  – the figures were there to represent togetherness and distinguised a wedding cake from being any other celebratory cake.

Since the early days of plain, little black and white plastic figurines with painted on bright pink faces much progress has been made. Times have changed and nowadays you can buy wedding cake toppers in hundreds of different styles and materials and you are truly spoilt for choice….in fact, perhaps today there’s too much choice – which makes it very hard for a bride to be to decide on just the one!

These days, choosing the right wedding cake topper is important – maybe not as important as choosing the right dress, flowers…or spouse! However, with the wedding cake being the center focus of any wedding reception, it does receive much attention. Wedding cakes are also in full view of all guests for a few hours before it is cut and the wedding cake topper will be immortalised along with you and your spouse, when the photographs are taken of you both cutting the cake. It is therefore very worthwhile to choose a cake topper that reflects your personality, or one that shows your wit and sense of humor.

Maybe you’d prefer one that illustrates your hobbies or perhaps one that just ties the whole theme of your wedding together. Because wedding cake toppers are such a focal visual element – the first step to deciding which type to go for is to browse many images of wedding cake toppers that other couples have opted for to see what you might fancy for your own wedding.

You will be surprised at what is available in the marketplace and online. Figurines are available that depict couples in mountaineering gear, of various ethinic background, walking hand-in-hand on a beach, riding a motorcycle or sitting gingerly on the edge of the cake. Monogrammed wedding cake toppers are also very popular and add an air of elegance and personalised heart shaped toppers that feature a photograph of the couple are gaining in popularity too.

If you’d like to browse an image gallery of wedding cake toppers, make your way to sites such as Wedding Cake Toppers where you’ll find many images of some of the best wedding cake tops as well as links to the suppliers that stock them. As your big day fast approaches I wish you Shakespeare’s wedding wish – ‘May heaven give you many, many merry days!’

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