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Tips To Keep Down Wedding Costs

wedding planning tips

Getting married can be absurdly expensive. But if you really do not want to start your married life completely in debt I suggest you follow these five suggestions to help reduce the cost of the wedding.

1) How can you save on the venue?
Are you eager to have a early spring or summer wedding? In the event that the answer is absolutely no then the biggest reduction in spending one can make has to be having your big event during the winter time. The cost of reserving your venue will without doubt end up being cheaper – even more so when you opt for a midweek day rather than a Saturday or Sunday. Winter weddings could be incredibly romantic. Picture a stunning bride with a fur wrap and a seasonal bouquet. If you live in the united kingdom there is no assurance that the weather during the summer time will be good in any case and nothing beats a lovely fresh, clear, sunny winter’s day. I got hitched in January and had my reception at a country hotel. It was stunning as by the time we’d finished the reception beverages it was getting quite dark and the reception areas were lit by actual candlelight – truly intimate.

2) Keeping the costs reception down
It may be you want to invite a ton of people to your wedding party but this is where you could have to be a tad ruthless. Try to retain the number of friends to below fifty or perhaps sixty (or less when possible) and then invite other people you don’t want to abandon completely to the night time do.

3)  Reducing the champagne and wine costs
Negotiate with the wedding venue about wine and bubbly costs. It might workout cheaper to provide your own wine and just pay corkage for it. With so many great deals in supermarkets nowadays you can get a pretty good wine inexpensively and hopefully the corkage won’t bump it up too much.

4) The wedding cake
I made a big saving on my cake by using Marks and Spencer. After having been quoted hundreds of pounds with regard to cakes a friend recommended I try Marks. My partner and i didn’t even realise they do wedding cakes. They have a reasonable range which includes cup cake ones but My partner and i opted for the more standard kind. They do their particular cakes in different sizes plus they are mix and match. If you want a tiered cake you just pick a medium, large and extra large cake, choose the color of the icing, next the type of inside such as vanilla sponge or chocolate sponge and you’re done. These cakes are very simple so I asked my florist to make three small flower arrangements, similar in look to my bridal bouquet, and I just these as decorations.

5) Photography savings
This really is another area where you can definitely make substantial savings. It’s ok dishing the dough in order to have a costly wedding photographer, however let’s face it, nowadays with digital cameras it’s eminently possible for even novice photographers to take fantastic photos. Another thing to remember is that the current fashion in wedding photography is to take casual shots – particularly types where the subjects in the shot cialis online don’t even observe it’s being taken, rather than conventional posed ones. So why not task a number of of your friends, with decent digital cameras, with the job of ‘official’ photographers. I’m sure you’ll get lots of beautiful shots and then almost all you have to do is actually upload them to a website {specialising} in getting them into the form of a coffee table book or album.

As you can see there is a lot to think about so I hope this article has started to give you some ideas. If you need more ideas or information please visit my site http://www.weddinghatsandheadbands.co.uk for tips on wedding headbands and other related things.

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