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Tips On Preparing Your Child To Be A Flower Girl

Most brides have a special little girl that they would like to have as the flower girl in their wedding. There are plenty of girls that will jump at the chance to dress up and carry a basket of flowers, though shy girls maybe be a bit more reluctant to do so. These are some helpful tips on how to prepare a shy girl to be a flower girl.

When a little girl is shy, introduce the idea of being a flower girl in a low key way. Try not to frighten her by telling her that all eyes will be on her and how important of a job the flower girl has. Unlike some children who like to be the center of atttention, a shy child would feel like there is too much pressure and make them even more nervous. Let her think about it and warm up to the idea at her own pace. At first you might just mention that she will get to wear a pretty dress and a nice piece of girls jewelry to your wedding. In addition, tell her that she is the bride’s favorite little girl in the entire world, and for that reason the bride really wants the little girl walking down the aisle at the wedding.

A good way to ease the fears of a shy flower girl is to read her books about weddings to get her more familiar with what the role entails. The more chances she has to see picture books and photos of weddings the less intimidating the job will seem. As you read the books, point out special things that you see, such as the beautiful dress and girls jewelry a flower girl gets to wear, and how pretty her flowers are. Also cialis no rx be sure to tell her that she will not be alone out there, the bridesmaids and bride will be with her. That may ease some anxieties from all the attention being focused on her.

Even after the wedding rehearsal, it would be a good idea to give her multiple chances to practice. Try taking her to the church and letting her walk down the aisle a few times to get her comfortable with it before the ceremony. Doing the walk a few times will help the child to see that the aisle is really not endlessly long, and that she can definitely make it all the way down. On the day of the wedding, she can be reminded about how good she is at walking down the aisle. Perhaps the most important thing that parents can do to reassure a nervous flower girl is to let her know that they will be waiting for her when she reaches the altar, and that she can go sit with them when her part is done.

A chance to put on her flower girl attire might also be good for a shy child. Get her excited by allowing her to wear her fancy dress and pretty girls jewelry around the house a few times before the big day. It will be less overwhelming the more familiar all the aspects are of being a flower girl. This is a good time to find out if anything about the attire will make the flower girl feel uncomfortable, such as an itchy petticoat or tight collar. Finally, take her to the brides fitting so she may see the bride in her wedding gown. Being part of something so magical is sure to help any little girl get excited about being a flower girl, even if it takes her some time to warm up to the idea.

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