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Tips On Planning Your Your Beach Wedding

The idea of an enchanting beach wedding is something that a lot of future brides am considering. They picture themselves on crystal white sands, with a beautiful sea nightfall and the sound of the waves lapping up on the shore. How much more romantic is it able to get, right?

But before getting to that point there's a lot of planning that must be done before the dream can become reality.

Hello, my name is Sam, and I have a list of some of the details that you may wish to keep in mind as you plan your beach wedding.

Firstly, decide your financial position and stick hard to it. The larger the budget the more lavish you are able to afford to be and the more options you will have on the choice of location.

How many guests would you like to have, and, because your marriage location is on the beach, what percentage of those guests will plan on making the occasion a part of their general vacation? If enough of your guests are counting on doing just that, then perhaps you may wish to wed at a resort-friendly location.

Is your beach wedding going to be a formalised or casual affair? The more formal the occassion the more planning is probably going to be needed, and you may need to take a look at hiring a local wedding coordinator, particularly if you are getting wed a long way away from home.

What time of the year do you want to marry? Not every beach has warm weather across the year, and the further north the beach the likelier it is that there will be a cold season. You cannot control the weather, but you can plan on marrying at a time when it is less certain you'll be caught in the afternoon rain during wet season. Or shivering outside on the beach in single digit temperatures in the middle of January.

These are just some of the details you're going to need to consider if you're counting on a beach wedding. Plan it right, and you'll be left with the perfect memories of where you and your other half exchanged promises. Get that wrong though, and it could be disastrous.

If you're planning on having a beach wedding there are several resources on the Web you can refer to for guidance. Or alternately, as I formerly mentioned, there are numerous experienced local wedding planners who have planned beach weddings for others and know all of the pitfalls. So do not be put off by having to pay pro fees for a job that you feel you could most likely carry out perfectly well yourself. Those fees could well turn out to be an investment and the difference between having an ideal day or the wedding day from hell!

Sam Snailham is a freelance writer and resident of Siesta Key, Florida. As a part-time wedding planner, Sam works closely with various clients who require Siesta Key accommodation and venues for their Siesta Key beach weddings

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