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Tips on How to Video a Wedding

Capturing a wedding on video is not as easy as just showing up on the day and shooting.  There are some tips to be aware of to help you create that perfect wedding video.  To be a professional wedding videographer you want to ensure you are nicely prepared and are as invisible as practicable during the wedding in order to capture the occasion as naturally as possible . 

As a pro wedding video, Sydney based company your reputation is going to be everything and you will become real busy if your approach is a professional one.  Shooting great marriage videos is only part of the job  there are lots of other stuff to consider when working a wedding. 

Preparation is the key to becoming a successful wedding videographer, the more planning that you do the less problems you’ll have on the day.  A couple of the commonest mistakes that amateur wedding videographers make are easily avoidable.  Always have back up batteries that are completely charged and do not wait until they are dead to swap them over.  When there are pauses in the marriage change them over so that you will not miss anything if your battery goes dead during a vital part of the occassion, this is a sure way to ensure your clients are content ones. 

There’s nothing more amateurish than making an excuse that you missed a vital moment because your battery ran out.  By getting rid of the things that can potentially go bad, enables you to confidently focus on the job to hand.  Always think ahead, pre-empt what’s going to happen next so you may be ready for it, by being in the right position at the right time, and with enough battery and media. 

Travel times are also crucial for you to consider.  If you are cialis dosage shooting the wedding by yourself this is especially imperative as you will have to make certain that you reach the function and reception locale before the bride and groom.  The best way to prepare for that is to attend all rehearsals that occur.  Not only will you get a better concept of where to station yourself to be as unobtrusive as feasible, but you will be able to talk with the MC.  Becoming familiar with the MC is an excellent method of ensuring that you do not miss anything.  If you are delayed in getting set up for some reason, then they can stall for a few minutes to be sure you are prepared. 

Your camera hardware is your livelihood so start to know it very well ; you won’t have time to fiddle with buttons that you are unfamiliar with.  Wedding videographers that know their hardware always take better footage as they’re focussing on capturing that perfect shot rather than thinking about how to use their equipment.  The perfect marriage video is more than moving pictures, the sound quality will only be commented on if it is poor so it is imperative that you set up your sound equipment in the correct way. 

It is best to have a wireless microphone on the groom, minister and lectern to ensure that the sound quality is good, but if you only have one available then it is best to pin it on the groom or minister.  The sound quality from built in microphones on all cameras is rarely good enough to capture sound so the use of a shotgun microphone from your camera is the best option.  The sound quality is very often under estimated and can make a perfect marriage video appear awfully poor if the sound quality is bad. 

When shooting the speeches at the reception, place a wireless microphone on the lectern and use the DJ system or in house system to get a line out using suitable wires.  Often the lighting is poor so make sure that you have some time before the reception starts to get the lighting adjusted to suit.  For perfect lighting always ensure that your onboard camera light is at least fifty watts.

Taking all these precautions will make sure that you come across as a true pro and it won’t be long before you have many happy clients that’ll be happy to leave wedding video testimonials for other folks to take a look at. Once your reputation increases the kinds of wedding video packages that you offer can also increase and before long you will be booked well ahead.

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