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Tips From A Wedding Videographer – Music

Any polished and professional video from a competent wedding videographer should have some sort of music as a soundtrack to the images. This music may be incidentally recorded from the events of the ceremony, or added to the video during the editing or post-production process. While your wedding videographer can help you decide on the soundtrack to your wedding movie, it will become much more special to you, your groom, and family and friends if take a bigger part in the musical selection. Here are a few things you need to know about wedding video music.

Where and When to Add Music

Some of the choices may have already been made, including the first waltz and your walk down the aisle, but there are other portions of the video whose musical selection is up to you. You can choose love songs or romantic instrumentals, tried and tested staples of many traditional wedding videos, or select other songs based on the style you want your wedding videographer to work with. While soft and flowing tracks are almost foolproof when it comes to wedding videos, you could break the monotony and amp up your selection for the reception portion of the film.

Whenever there is incidental music in the events surrounding the wedding, price cialis as well as the wedding itself, your wedding videographer is probably already recording the sound along with the images. This is because the post-production crew may use those sounds as a background for a montage or series of images or other parts of the video (such as the photo shoot), rather than use a recorded song from a CD or a track in MP3 format.

Good wedding videographers who communicate well with their clients usually require your approval before adding any songs or music while the final cut is being edited. However, you can give your wedding videographer free rein to add other selections to a series of tracks or collection of songs you want to use.

Copyright Concerns

Studio and live recordings are usually copyrighted. You may have to purchase the rights to use songs in the production of your wedding video. You will need to remember some things when it comes to copyright concerns and music for your wedding video, such as the presence of certain groups or bodies regulating music licenses, and that you and your wedding videographer are required to comply with these rules and obtain permission before you include any songs in the final version of your wedding video.

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