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Tips For The Father Of The Bride


Being the father of a woman about to be married an be an emotional rollercoaster. Most dads are happy for their daughters of course, but it can also be hard to see your little princess all grown up! Dads are often unprepared for the cost and sentimental feelings that come along with being the father of the bride. Fathers of the bride would do well to take these suggestions when their daughters become engaged.

The first suggestion for the father of the bride is to accept that your little girl is a grown woman now. It won’t be as hard to see your daughter in a fitted bridal gown with sophisticated bridal jewelry if you picture her as an adult. That’s not to say that she won’t order cialis always be your princess, however! Spend some time reminiscing with your daughter about her childhood. Do be sure that your wistful feelings about your daughter growing up do not overcome your joy for her.

The bride’s father has always had certain things for which he was responsible. Since olden times, it was expected that a man would finance his daughter’s wedding ceremony and reception. It is common for the bride and groom to help pay for their own wedding nowadays, but the bride’s dad often ends up paying the lion’s share anyway. Let your daughter know what your budget is for the wedding before she starts booking vendors. Whether you intend to pick up the whole tab for the wedding or contribute just a set amount, it will help your daughter plan a beautiful wedding if she knows what she can realistically spend.

Another tip for the bride’s father is to mark the occasion with a special piece of bridal jewelry for your daughter. A wedding is a memorable event, and it will mean so much to your daughter if you give her a keepsake like a pearl necklace. Ideally the bridal jewelry gift will be something she can wear on the wedding day, so ask her opinion about what she might like or get advice from someone who has seen her wedding dress. You might wish to take her out shopping so she can make her own choice of bridal jewelry. It would be a wonderful way to spend some time alone with your daughter.

Dads who are sentimental should get ready for the wedding. Dads who fear they are likely to burst into tears when they see their beautiful daughters in their bridal gowns may wish to get the moment done well before the start of the ceremony. Some fathers will even attend the final fitting at the bridal salon so that they will not be overcome by emotion at the wedding ceremony. Fathers often feel sappy about the spotlight dance with the bride. If you practice your dance a few times in advance, it may be easier to get through the dance without weeping. After all, it’s sweet when the bride’s dad gets a tear in his eye, but another thing if he is openly sobbing during the wedding!

Remember that you will be expected to give a toast during the wedding dinner. Keep your remarks brief, upbeat, and loving. It’d be a good idea to welcome your son in law to the family. Indulge in the joy of your daughter’s wedding day, because it is a very special day indeed.

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