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Tips For Planning The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Planning a wedding is a huge event, and for some reason plans for the rehearsal dinner tend to get lost in the shuffle of all of the other plans. The rehearsal dinner is actually something that is quite important, and as the bride or friend of the bride, you should make sure that sufficient planning is placed on this event. The rehearsal dinner generally occurs the night before the wedding. It is a time that is very informal and fun, and it is dedicated to preparing for the big day that is about to happen.

A rehearsal dinner generally begins with everyone meeting at the church or place where the ceremony will occur. You should always be sure that you invite the entire bridal party as well as their spouses. Children are often welcome at rehearsal dinners too, but this is up to you. There are other people that should also be invited. This includes the parents of the bride and groom and other immediate family members. Remember, the rehearsal dinner is a time for you and the other guests to get to know each other and to mingle before the big day.

When planning this dinner event, keep in mind that you can choose when and where it is. Some people are deciding to have it in the morning as a brunch event, while others stick with evening hours to accommodate those that work. If you want to have it the week before the wedding on a Saturday afternoon, that is a great idea too. One thing to remember though is that you will want to make sure that everyone can make it. If people live out of town, the night before the wedding is usually a better option. Be sure to plan the dinner ahead of time, whether at a restaurant, someone’s home, or elsewhere.


At the church, you will go through the wedding ceremony and it is important to have everyone there. After the practice is complete, the stressful part is over. The time has come for everyone to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company at a restaurant, hall or even at someone’s home. If you choose to have it at a home, be sure that the home is large enough to accommodate all of the guests and that the food is ready when they arrive. The best place to choose is a hall or restaurant. You will have to book this in advance in order for the restaurant to be prepared to serve all of you.

While you are at the restaurant there are a number of things that you might want to do. One of these things is a toast. It is very traditional to do this, and a lot of couples will actually purchase engraved wedding glasses for this event. Traditionally during this, the groom’s father will begin by offering a toast to the couple. You may have several other toasts after this, but it should finish with the bride and groom giving a toast to their parents and guests. During this toast, the bride and groom will hold their engraved wedding glasses up and thank their parents and guests for celebrating this event with them. After this is complete, you can enjoy the dinner and enjoy each other’s company. It is best to go home early on this night so that you can get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

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