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Tips for Planning a Classy Cost-effective Wedding

Even though the economy is bad right now, people are just as interested as ever in having beautiful weddings. The trick to having the luxurious wedding of your dreams in a slow economy is to save money on aspects that won’t be noticeable. There’s no reason that can’t begin with the bridal shower and include the wedding acomplia prescription invitations, response cards, thank you cards and even the wedding scrapbook.

One method for doing that is to use free wedding clip art. Very often there are beautiful images available on the web for no charge. Just enter the search term “free wedding clip art” and the type of image you want. For example, if you want floral clip art suitable for a wedding, type “free flower wedding clip art” or some variation. The same will work with virtually any theme you can think of, although the more obscure the concept, the less likely it will be that you’ll get a lot of search results. If when you search you can locate images that have high enough resolution, you’ll be able to use them in a variety of ways. The reason for that is print projects require high resolution images. You certainly wouldn’t want to use low-resolution clipart because the end result won’t be clear. That would, of course, be unacceptable for a wedding invitation or thank you card.

Wedding and bridal shower clipart isn’t the only free resource you can find on the Internet. There are also many sites that present free bridal shower planning ideas. There are almost as many bridal shower themes as there are fish in the ocean. These can be comprised of anything you can think of. Themes can range from silly to vintage and retro to luxurious and classy. To find themed bridal shower resources, just enter a search for one of the bride’s interests along with the words “bridal shower ideas” and a large selection of relevant sites will probably appear. An Internet search will also yield free best price cialis href=”http://hubpages.com/_scrapbooking/hub/wedding-scrapbook-layouts-silver”>wedding scrapbook albums, which can be used to preserve wedding memories forever. A number of great designers give away free versions of their wedding scrapbook page layouts to promote for-sale products or their  pages that display advertising. Use of either model means they have financial incentive to offer free scrapbook papers and embellishments. Either way, the bride wins!

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