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Tips for Buying Your Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are all about giving a small gift of thanks to your guests, which doesn’t sound that hard does it? But for many brides, choosing wedding favors acomplia 20 mg can be more stressful than deciding on which wedding shoes to buy or what color the flowers should be!


Another problem is cost. When you began your wedding planning you should have set aside a portion of the wedding budget for your wedding favors. Difficulties arise when by the time it gets to buy the favors you realize that the initial budget is hopelessly unrealistic & you somehow have to find favors that come in on budget or find the additional funds to give you more choice.


Sometimes it is not about what you are buying but how, where & when. Here are a few tips on buying your wedding favors:


How: Depending on the size of your wedding cialis without prescription you should be looking for bulk purchase deals. These will often be more competitive from wholesalers but only if you are inviting 200 or more guests, otherwise you could be left with a mountain of wedding favors that you have no use for (unless there edible of course!)


If you buy online use a credit card or online service like paypal to make your payment. That way you will have some assurance of getting your money back should something go wrong. Paying by check can take time so make sure you factor that in if ordering close to your wedding date. Most retailers will not release the goods until the money has cleared which can be 5 – 10 working days.


Get some inspiration from magazines, friends & family & online to help you decide the style & type of wedding favor you want to buy. Remember your wedding favors should reflect the style &/or theme of your wedding, as well as reflecting a little of your own personality & taste.


Where: Go to a favor shop, right? No, not always. Wedding favor stores, which primarily will reside online by the way, can be more expensive than buying items to use as favors from other sources. Remember you will be paying for the fact that these items have been put together specifically for the wedding favor market. A votive candle from a favor store could cost you a third more than buying the same candle from a supermarket.


However, competition is fierce amongst favor stores & most will offer you guaranteed cheapest prices, free shipping over a certain amount & discount vouchers. So don’t rule them out entirely, spend a bit of time visiting several stores online & see which offers the best deals.


Other places to buy include supermarkets, gift stores, dollar stores & wholesalers. You can also try sites like Ebay.


When: Consider this: if you are having a Christmas wedding, when would be the best time to buy your wedding favors? No not Christmas time, but after, during the New Year sales. This of course means you need to plan your wedding favors early on in your wedding planning, so you can take advantage of the sales when they happen.


Of course this just doesn’t apply to Christmas weddings. Sales happen throughout the year, with the big ones being in the New Year & during the summer, when the end of season sales happen. Sales are the perfect opportunity to bag yourself some luxury wedding favors at a bargain price.


It is also worth planning your wedding favors early on so you can keep an eye on online wedding favor sites to take advantage of sales & clearance offers. Remember though that edible favors may not keep for many months, so check how early you can order them.





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