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Tips For a Long Happy Marriage

Did you think that love conquers all?, if yes you are well advised to read all this article. The problem is that often people get married with the idea that their chemistry or undying love for each other will keep them together forever.

Think about how you got together, was it through friends, work or a online dating site like match or plenty of fish?, also known as plentyofish, did you really give yourself enough time to get to know each other?

However, with a very high percentage of marriages ending in divorce these days, it’s obvious that a lot of marriages that start out well still fail. Therefore if you want your marriage to be a long time success it pays to know a few little secrets before getting married. Here are a number of tips for staying together longer:

Over the years, people often drift apart or relationships and marriages become stale because couples fail to do new and special things together.

That’s why going on new and different dates is so important. In fact, there is something about dating that creates a feeling of magic in a relationship and can even bring relationships out of a rut.

While on a date, you also put more effort into your appearance, have more uninterrupted time to communicate on a deeper level and are naturally drawn closer together.

Stuck for new ideas?, just try using Google and search for fun and interesting activities in your local town, city or state, you will be surprised at what you can find.

It’s a well documented statistic that couples who have dated for a year or longer before marriage have a significantly lower rate of divorce than those who married after a short dating period.

A year of dating gives time for many emotions to surface and many character traits to be discovered. You may adore someone in the spring, but despise him or her in the winter.

Asking someone for rimonabant tablets his or her hand in marriage on the third date isn’t romantic, it’s really very stupid, it may work for a few people but for most it will end in tears.

Often times, as a relationship ages, partners tend to stop praising each other because they ‘assume’ their partner already knows what they’re thinking.

When in reality, a day should not go by without you praising your partner. Compliment them on things like their cooking, reaffirm that they’re the greatest person in the world or tell them they’re a wonderful role model. If you want to be loved and romanced by your sweetheart, you need to love and romance them first. When they’re feeling loved, it is much easier to love in return.

Are you a super supporter of what your mate does and says? So do you cheer them on and praise them all the time? Or do they constantly hear boos or silence?

Couples with the most problems are often the ones that say, “I just don’t understand him/her.”

So let me ask you: How knowledgeable are you about your mate’s profession or the degree they are pursuing? Do you know anything about his or her family heritage? Are you able to have a meaningful conversation about her cross-stitch hobby or his interest in football? If you are a man, do you understand what women experience during PMS or menopause?

You don’t need to be identical, but make an effort to learn about the things that interest your better half in life and you’ll grow closer as a result.

Does your partner want kids? Do you both want to have careers? Do they have a history of spending their way into debt? Do they attend church?

Many experts believe that the biggest reason almost half of marriages end in divorce is because couples fail to ask each other the right questions BEFORE they get married.

I guess people think they’ll be able to change their spouses after marriage and everything will be better. Wrong. If you fail to sit down and discuss finances, religion, sex, housing, your future, and other topics in great detail, you could end up with nothing but argument after argument for the rest of your days.

In the end, if you both have completely different views, desires and goals in life, there’s no guarantee that chemistry or a lot of “I love you’s” will help you stay together.

Make it your utmost priority to understand each other ‘inside-out’ BEFORE you take that walk down the aisle, and it really does free cialis not matter where you met, even if it was a dating site like planty of fish, what counts is that you put into action some of the tips you have just read in this article, good luck.

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