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Tips for a cost-saving wedding

Tips for a cost-saving wedding

Wedding day is the most memorable event of one’s life. You will observe that however tight the economic situation might be, it does not deter youngsters from wanting to tie the nuptial knot. But many youngsters are aware of the current economic slump and they are looking to save costs on various fronts, instead of indefinitely deferring the great event.

In order to help young would-be brides and their families cut down on extravaganza, Certified wedding Planners Marriott Hotels & Resorts as also Renaissance Hotels & Resorts around the globe have come up with handy suggestions which could save some sizeable amount for the bride’s family so that the saved money can be put to better use. It is always prudent to plan everything in advance so that you will have enough time to prune and trim at leisure. Have a budget for every event and try not to overstep it. To start with, site for the event should not be too costly and limit the guests’ strength suiting the venue. A day-time wedding would be buying acomplia online cheaper than a night event. Buffets are better as less food be wasted when people serve themselves. Let the wedding cake double up as dessert too. In the drinks section, prefer cash bars to open bars. Use cost-saving seasonal flowers instead of costly and exotic ones. While giving compliments to the invites, be creative and cost-conscious. For wedding invitation cards, use your own printer instead ordering for them. Use a family heirloom which is altered attractively, for the wedding gown. You will be saving a chunk of the budget this way. Settle for a deejay instead of a live band. If you are performing the event in a hotel, arrange for the guests from outstation to stay in the same hotel so that you may receive some discounts too. Distribute portfolios for the event within the family to save costs. Avoid unnecessary photo-shoot expenses by designating one person to do the job. Plan everything meticulously well ahead of time so that there are no confusion at the nth hour and the event becomes memorable and an eye opener for future couples too.

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